Working for the Online Casino Industry

You may have sensed by now that the creative side of online gaming, including casino entertainment, has been soaking up talent from the film industry. Anybody can see that from today’s 3D slots alone, not to mention ultra-realistic roulette. Particularly the artists, designers and animators have found loads of work by switching to games.

What you may not have realised yet is that there is a wide range of help needed by the online casino industry. Casino employment sites are now guiding people to suitable online casino jobs.

Not only that, if you love slots and cards then this could be a fun career path, too! The too-obvious opportunity in that case, for people who love to play, would be to deal the cards, and get paid. But of course not everybody has the nerves of steel required to be a competent dealer.

Wide Range of Roles

If you look at an award-winning recruitment site like Pentasia then you will notice that most of the positions are in marketing and in the IT/Technical arms of casino or gaming organisations. But there are plenty of open spots in a whole range career tracks. Let’s discuss a few of these options — since you may just be serious!

Probably the best way to approach your interest in casino entertainment as a profession would be to get clear about your skills, the ones you want to make use of as a lifestyle. Do you already love accounting, for instance? Then you could do accounting for an online or mobile casino site!

What Do You Love Doing?

Do you love to talk to people on the phone, helping them out? Why not do customer service for new members or players new to online gambling?

You get the idea. Practically any role you presently perform, or have always wanted to do, can be found within online casino businesses. Now, an important question may be location. Where do you have to live for these jobs? It would seem that residing in the country where the casino lives is necessary.

Not necessarily! This is an online entertainment industry and therefore employees sitting in cubicles is not exactly the way it works all the time. In the case of the chat moderators needed at online bingo sites or for certain games at casinos, these individuals could be anywhere in the world with a solid Internet connection.

Sales, account management and player-support roles, too, can be performed by remote in today’s world. Are you a whiz on computers? Here’s a job for you: ‘Growth Hacker Facebook’. There are many marketing and communications positions that you could do outside a normal office setting, especially if you are computer savvy.

Conventional Positions

On the other hand, if you want to get more involved with a casino or gaming organisation than merely as an employee, perhaps in the business development or team management realms (internal, not dealing with the public), then you may have to live in the company’s area and go to an office daily.

Some of us really like a ‘real job’. Here are some jobs you could do in a traditional work setting:

  • IT, website maintenance and programming

  • Payments sector

  • Operations

  • Commercial development

  • Marketing and design

  • Dealing (including live, on-camera)

  • Legal consultant

  • Human Relations

  • Data engineering

  • Foreign-language support

You have to imagine that this industry is like a boom town: every kind of business or creative work is currently in great demand. The casinos and game producers are keen to capitalise on the current surge in global popularity of real-cash gaming, and to grab as many members as possible.

That means that just like the so-called Internet Boom (or ‘bubble’) in the late 90s, but with considerably more stability, the online casino industry is bursting at its seams and tons of hiring is underway (perhaps too much too soon?).

An Integrated Life

So, if you already spend plenty of time playing online Poker or slots, or, you are a serious player, then you might benefit considerably from directing all that enthusiasm into your career as well as your hobby.

Getting hired into the casino entertainment industry, on- or offline, could give you a perfect fit for both your personal and professional interests — you may even become a better gamer, too!