Why People Throw Craps

Craps is an intriguing gambling game because of its internal and external contradictions. On the one hand, so-called ‘street craps’ is known as the commoner’s sort of betting game. On the other hand, it has a formal casino variation, along with a rich cultural history.

Wide Variety of Craps Throwers

To answer the question of why people are attracted to the game of craps basically requires differentiating amongst the diversity of its players as well as the two main forms of the game (informal, or casino-based). Now that craps is a choice at online and mobile casinos as well, there is a third option extending its living history.

The Basic Draw of Craps

Here are a few of the main reasons that players enjoy throwing craps:

  • Craps is one of the simplest forms of gambling in existence, since it requires only a couple dice
  • the game combines the utter simplicity of throwing dice with a charming complexity of rules and bets
  • each of the results of throws have historical names, like ‘Boxcars’ (6s) and ‘Fever Five’
  • the actual focus of the game is squarely upon chance and probability, more than games that rely upon fancier equipment like wheels, balls and cards

Playing with Raw Chance

You may have heard the metaphorical expression before when something in life is called a ‘crapshoot’, which means it is highly chancy, risky or a matter of unfavourable probability (usually having longshot odds).

Despite what may seem like a difficult proposition, throwing the dice in a winning way during craps session evidently attracts people who believe they might have some special way with them. Dice are quite approachable, physical, simple, or even non-threatening.

The Bottom Line in Craps

Yet, to be honest, according to the mathematics of probability itself with craps, this is not the most favourable game for the player. Although the house edge can dip as low as 1.36%, 1.41% and 1.52%, for example, most types of throws give the house a much, much higher advantage.

So, it raises the question (or should) of why players may want to go for shooting craps in any setting, if there is no strategy or method that can improve the chances of winning, which are anyway relatively low. Every throw of the dice has the same probability.

Why risk money playing craps? — this is fairly similar to the question that Roulette poses to players, actually. Even slots have higher RTPs (return to player percentages).

It’s Player Friendly

Both the more common ‘street’ format (which can be played literally anywhere, inside or outdoors) and the fancier casino format, may offer a more friendly, inviting image than many other betting casino games.

It could be that craps has a place in casinos that has endured because it is simply fun for many reasons. Sometimes casinos even give classes to newbies at off-peak hours (like mornings); certainly if you were to try craps in your neighbourhood or with friends on the kitchen tiles, you will be given a friendly lesson or two!

Lastly, as we mentioned at the start, it seems obvious enough that there is something very real, immediate and palpable about handling a die, let alone throwing it. There is a simple, sensible kind of satisfaction to it, as opposed to the more abstract and mathematical thrills players get in poker, for instance.

That charming simplicity, when combined with its rules that involve several throws and how turns throwing rotate to the people assembled, make craps notable for its sociability.

It even has relatively more potential for good humour! If you are attracted to craps, the only thing to do is try it at least once. Stakes can be quite low, which makes it a safe bet for the fun of doing something new and different, and not without an interesting social history, too!