Why Online Roulette Is Expanding the Game

Casino style gambling has been booming all over the world since the 1970s. Earlier in the 20th Century, there were just two major casino centres with global fame that offered state ­of­ the­ art Roulette: Monte Carlo and Las Vegas.

These facts might surprise those who may have imagined that organised gambling in casinos had been around a lot longer. Now in this century, there are hundreds of Roulette­ equipped casinos all over the globe.

The Roots of Roulette

A game similar to contemporary Roulette may have existed in the West as early as the mid­18th Century. But even before that, Blaise Pascal hit upon the basic concept for such a game when he tried to invent a machine with ‘perpetual motion’. Later, it appears that board games from England, Italy and France merged, and Roulette was born.

Basic Roulette Variations

Roulette’s first sites of real development were France and Germany, where it grew quite posh. But it soon travelled to the young United States where it was a popular game among ordinary folks in Western frontier towns’ saloons.

In Europe, Roulette developed into a game with a 37­slot wheel (one zero slot for the house). In the US, the double­ zero format (two slots for the house) was more popular, with a simpler betting scheme. Both of these two variations can be found in decent online casinos.

Not Just for Rich Folk Anymore

One thing about Roulette that has changed since it went online is its reputation for being a high roller game, or something reserved for VIPs and members of exclusive casinos or restricted rooms. There have been two main reasons for that:

  1. Stakes tended to be higher for European Roulette players, with big wins also very possible
  2. Roulette is a game of betting on where the ball lands, and the range of bets is a lot to master

How the Web Makes Roulette Easy

So, for obvious reasons including the availability of lower stakes versions of Roulette made possible by computer software used by online casinos, the Web has brought this traditionally elite game down to earth!

The other main reason online and mobile Roulette is much more approachable is that its lower pressure scene (either the computer or a live Roulette spinner) is less intimidating and helps people have confidence. Online is an easy­going place to learn the many Roulette bets, which fall into two main groups:

  1. Inside bets: there are 8 of these, including a Straight or Single number bet (the highest payout in the game). These are focused bets on 1, 2, 3 or 6 numbers in certain patterns. Inside bet wins pay the most.
  2. Outside bets: there are 6 of these, including Even or Odd, Red or Black, or the Snake Bet (named according to its pattern of numbers). Outside bet wins pay less than Inside bets, but as you can see they are easier to hit.

Learning Online Roulette

So, what is there to learn, anyway? You just make a prediction and bet, then watch as the ball is spun the opposite direction of the wheel, until it falls into a slot!

As you can see above, many of the Inside and Outside bets allow creativity in how they are used by a player. The main and only obstacle is keeping your options in mind and choosing which bets to go with.

Online Roulette includes help and reference charts, as well as a relaxed time frame, which make it a snap to learn all of these bets — and that is the main challenge.

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