When Pigs Fly

“When pigs fly” is a common statement you might say when doubting the opinion of a friend. Well, NetEnt has used that idea to create a unique slot theme where pigs are building rockets and setting off on space travel. To get the lowdown on this amusing title, check out this When Pigs Fly slot review.

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This is the definition of pushing the boat out, with newbies able to benefit from 50 free spins and up to £1,500 welcome funds.

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Visual Design

Without fail, the first thing to stand out will be the strange design of the slot interface. Seasoned players will see that the traditional five-reel by three-row setup has been eschewed in favour of an entirely new approach, where the first and fifth reels have one symbol, the second and fourth have three, and the third has five.

NetEnt’s When Pigs Fly game is also evidence of why software developers should make their slots with clear reels, as it results in less cluttered appearance. When the reels are solid, players inevitably encounter imagery along the sides of the screen that loses impact by being obscured from view.

NewCasinosOnline.co - When Pigs Fly - Screenshot

Slot Rules

The When Pigs Fly slot can be a low-cost experience for players when they set a £0.01 coin value and betting level of one, which will be £0.50 to cover 50 fixed paylines. Meanwhile, those who want to climb to the summit can go to £0.20 coin value and betting level 10 for a £100 maximum stake.

Special Features

When Pigs Fly has a feature allowing players to create winning combinations by matching symbols on adjacent reels instead of paylines, which makes it simpler to win. Also helping matters is that wild symbols can crop up on reels two, three, four, and five to help lend a hand.

More important, however, is the adjustable design of the five reels. Quite simply, NetEnt has implemented a system where players can increase the size of the reels by racking up consecutive wins. After each, there will be a re-spins that can increase the ways of winning through 135, 405, 675, 1,125, and 1,875.

Consistently winning and receiving re-spins feels like a reward in itself, but NetEnt will also give players eight free spins if they win on the fifth re-spins. All five reels will also be fully unlocked, with 3,125 ways of winning during free spins.

Gaming Strategy

Strategically, you have to try and make it to the free spins, but this is going to take time. To stand a better chance of making that happen, you should wager with smaller stakes and play the longer game. By going big, you will be more likely to use up your funds before unlocking free spins. The diminished rows can also make it tougher to win initially, so you need to make the most of your funds.


When Pigs Fly is an entertaining slot game for its charming cartoon graphics and the embrace of groundbreaking principles. Slot design has been quite rigid for years, with developers focused on story and image rather than shaking things up.

All things considered, When Pigs Fly can be a rewarding game when you manage to create a streak of wins to expand the reels and eventually trigger free spins. Making it this far can take time, which is why When Pigs Fly might not suit players who want to get in and out with some quick winnings.