Using Card Tricks to Break Social Barriers

Social barriers are, unfortunately, a ubiquitous part of today’s society. Whether it’s social attitudes to disability, age, a person’s background, language or anything else, these barriers inevitably have a profound effect on people’s lives.

Breaking them down and integrating different people from all walks of life will ultimately lead to a better society and an overall feeling of involvement for many individuals. The alienation of certain groups needs to be addressed and one great way to do this is through simple tricks with playing

Let’s look at three situations with groups of people and see how card tricks can help break down the social barriers that they may experience on a daily basis.

Reaching out to kids

Children can sometimes be difficult to connect with; especially if you are much older. After all, you share little in common and their overwhelming desires to do whatever they want can become difficult to manage.

However, card tricks are a great way to get their attention and share something that you are passionate about with them. Everybody loves a good card trick and the simplicity of many of them means that they can be shared with children very easily.

A great way to start is simply by getting the attention of the children and performing the trick, remembering to involve them as much as possible throughout. At the end, gauge the overall reaction and decide if it’s one you want to focus on further or not.

If you received a very positive response then further cement the bond you have formed by showing them how they can perform the trick for themselves. However, you need to realise that children may take a little longer to grasp something, so be patient and explain each step thoroughly.

Allow them to show you the trick and give pointers and advice where necessary. Once they have mastered it, congratulate them on a job well done before showing them another trick.

Card tricks are a great way to connect with children and hold their attention. They will undoubtedly talk about what they have learnt to other people and want to show their friends too – further removing social barriers in turn.

Bridging the gaps caused by disabilities

Disabled people often find themselves behind many social barriers simply because of their disability. Depending on the nature of their condition, sports can often be difficult for disabled people to undertake. This can lead to them feeling segregated and left out, particularly in a school setting.

However, card tricks, allow disabled people to learn something that wows others and removes many social barriers caused by their disability. It’s a great way to break the ice with new groups of people and make new friends.

Card tricks do not require someone to be physically fit or 100% physically able as they usually just involve the hands. Therefore, people with many different disabilities can learn card tricks and then use them as conversation starters.

With social barriers removed through card tricks, disabled people can feel much more integrated and not ostracised because of their disability.

Plus, the real beauty of card tricks is that they can be practiced over and over again in privacy, so disabled people can take their time learning new tricks to ensure that they are perfect before unleashing them on their peers.

The universal language of card tricks

Language barriers often exist and one way to remove them is through visual aids such as card tricks. Even if you don’t speak a single word of the audience’s language, you can still communicate using your hands and your cards.

This is especially true for card tricks that involve sleight of hand and visual trickery to work. This is because making a card appear to float in mid-air or changing a card from one to another, doesn’t require that you speak the same language. It simply requires you to be able to perform the trick flawlessly.

The wonder is in the mystery of the illusion and you are likely to be greeted with a round of applause at the end and an audience full of smiles. Just be sure to choose your trick wisely as ones that require a lot of audience involvement may be difficult to perform to a foreign national.

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