UKGC unveils 2018-2019 business plan

The UK Gambling Commission have laid out their latest plan to boost the gambling industry over the coming year. This is part of a three year strategy that will bolster what casino sites are doing, in order to give the industry a revamp.

What do they propose?

Within the UKGC plan we’re seeing big moves to push brands to care more about their customers. Right now, problem gambling costs the government a lot of cash, so they’re looking to mitigate that in the long run. Part of this will be done by educating their users and part by upholding stronger standards.

Overall, the UKGC code of conduct has changed quite drastically in the last few years, and the changes just keep coming. We’ve seen some big moves being made to tackle underage and problem gambling, and this looks to just be the beginning!

With so many different rules and regislations coming in, it can feel hard to keep a track of what exactly is going on! We can anticipate that this three year plan will keep us informed of where the industry is going, so it will certainly be useful.

Within the first year of this plan, they would like to enhance these rules even further, to limit how the gambling industry is able to advertise. They would also like to assess the harm that this industry can have, by measuring this they hope to have an indication of where the industry is going.

They also want to protect users from misleading promotions even further. We’ve already seen some big fines being handed down from the UKGC over advertising recently, so this trend may be set to continue. We would like to see clearer rules for operators in this regard, as it seems to be quite a confused message at the moment.

How will this Impact the Industry?

So far, the UKGC have stated that their plan is very ambitious but they hope to be able to stick to the indicators that they have laid out. This means that we’re probably going to see a lot of cracking down for a while as they lay out their strategy.

The impact on advertising will probably mean that we see quite a few operators pulling out of traditional advertising methods, as they may deem this to be too risky a strategy. With crackdowns on the size of text, terminology and more… we can’t say we blame them!

We may also see more sites going down the route of offering charitable contributions, as this makes them appear more socially responsible. This is a great way for them to fund a charity that helps people with issues, while continuing to operate with a better reputation.