UK online gambling operators face new advertising rules

There have been some huge changes to the UK gambling market within the last year and it seems that there are still more changes to come! This is all down to government bodies doing more to protect those that gamble online, from unfair terms and other such issues. Now, there has been yet another ruling which will impact the advertising of gambling based products.

The Latest Ruling

In a new ruling from CAP, which stands for the Committee of Advertising Practice, creators of gambling ads will have to adhere to a whole new set of guidelines. These are in place to make promotions clearer and also to make them appeal less to those under the age of 18.

So what changes will we start to see as a result of these UK gambling regulations? Well, for starters, these companies won’t be able to tell players to ‘bet now’ in their adverts. This was deemed to be too inflammatory a phrase, especially if it was to be viewed by a problem gambler for example.

They also want to reduce the amount of chatter about deposits that come without risk. While you might get a free bet on a deposit if you lose, thus making it risk free, this kind of terminology is not favoured by the committee. The idea that gambling doesn’t propose any risks is exactly the kind of mindset that they want to reduce.

Clearer terms will also mean that where we see promotions being offered, we will also need to see a clear explanation of what’s expected from players. We’ve already seen some gambling businesses fined for their terms being too small to read or not clear enough, we’ll probably see more of this as time goes on.

Fewer Ads Over Time?

As placing these advertisements is getting a bit riskier, there may be fewer companies that are willing to take that risk. Right now, bingo adverts can be shown before the watershed but this could also change. They’re one of the few forms of gambling advertisements that can be shown before 10pm in the UK.

One MP staged a protest over these adverts, because she felt too many children would be seeing them. This created a ripple through the industry at the time, but nothing concrete seemed to come from it.

Even some promotional pages on casino and bingo sites are now locked down. Users must log in or pass a verification check, even to see the promotions and games. Slots like Fluffy Favourites and Jack and the Beanstalk have also been hidden behind barriers, as these could be deemed attractive to children.

Even now, the CAP are stating that a simple age check, like on Facebook, isn’t strong enough for this kind of content. They feel it’s too easy for a user to fudge their age and end up seeing products that are intended for an older audience.

Some people in the gambling industry have hit back against this, stating that it was becoming too much of a nanny state. With the government making these decisions on behalf of the public, is this really the best thing for them? This is a tricky question to answer and one that will become more and more prominent as time goes on.

Here at, you can rest assured that all of our advertising is clear and up front. We’ll keep you up to date with any further announcements in the industry, so you can watch out for any sites that don’t seem to be abiding by them. Then, you can pick the best one to play on.