Top 10 Tips for Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a simple game since it is focused upon betting techniques. Yet, like all forms of gambling, there are some special tricks you are advised to keep in mind that can maximize your winning potential as well as increase your fun. Read on!

1. Make a Budget

One thing that many casino players (let alone newbies) fail to do is start their sessions with a predefined budget. This doesn’t mean you’re ‘on a budget’ or have to feel like you’re denying a feeling of not being able to afford your fun. It is a form of discipline you do to win more, you see, and limit losses.

2. Choose a Strategy

Rather than to just jump in and start betting on Roulette spins in a haphazard or purely intuitive way, using a strategy will give you some bearings and a way to gauge your progress during a session.

For example, you could decide you’ll start with Outside Bets (the loosest and less risky ones, like Even or Odds), then move to more specific Inside Bets when you’ve warmed up a bit. Roulette permits much creativity with your wagering.

You might decide to start with small wagers, then ante up for a larger bet, then settle down to small bets again. Or, you could decide to continue either standing on your bet size or increasing to play through your session budget.

3. Learn from Loss

Roulette is a game of probability combined with having a keen sense of your own luck over time. That being said, you can gauge your luck not only by how much or how often you win, but very importantly by the ways you lose.

Even just psychologically, if you reframe your losses as necessary for your wins, you have transformed your luck, you see. So, learn to understand your lost spins as steps on your way to wins — but beware that this positive attitude only works as long as you stick to your budget!

4. How to Handle Winnings

When you win, it should not just be a moment of joy and celebration; you should take a calm moment in the midst of winning to concentrate upon how it will figure into your overall strategy.

If you decided beforehand that you would stop once you got a certain win, then it’s easy. Cash out and go relax in your satisfaction. Otherwise, follow a plan, like setting aside the win and just finishing your session budget, or, enriching your budget by a portion of the win, for example.

5. Setting Limits

Any Roulette player can be carried away very easily by the game. Maybe it has something to do with the hypnotic effect of watching the wheel spin, the ball settle into a slot?

Anyway, setting various limits on your sessions (budget, managing wins and losses, time limits, and so on) don’t decrease your fun — they make the game more intense, more entertaining!

6. Knowing When to Stop

You should have a sense of when your session will end going in. There are various ways to set this constraint besides a simple time-out or maximum duration.

In addition to a session time, you might agree with yourself to stop if you start feeling tired, or, once you win a certain amount, or, if you don’t win a little after x-amount of minutes regardless of how much of your budget is left.

7. Keeping Your Cool

In order to choose your bets well and play competently, let alone with style, it is necessary to remain absolutely calm. Emotion is part of the game, and part of the enjoyment of it, but only if it isn’t overwhelming.

Therefore, allow yourself to feel your wins and losses, but then make a special effort to calm down, chill out, regain your composure, so you can continue playing with a cool head and sharp wits.

8. Experiment with New Bets

Since Roulette has over a dozen unique bets and two main styles of betting (Inside and Outside), you would be remiss to stick to just one type of play all the time. Why would you?

If you have not tried some of Roulette’s more creative bets like patterns, or you’ve never been brave enough to go for a Straight (one number only), then try it out. Use lower stakes while you experiment, that’s all. Once you know more, even if you settle back to your favourite bets you’ll be a more experienced player.

9. Understand the Odds

Obviously, in Roulette the Outside Bets (which cover a spread of probability like Evens and Odds, or Reds and Blacks) have better odds. But what makes the game fascinating is the relationship between probability and what the ball does over many spins.

If an Inside Bet wins, then do you feel it will win again or that many Outside Bets will probably win first? Observe how the ball and wheel behave over time to get a sense of the odds of repetition.

10. Choose the Right Roulette Variation

The European version has one zero slot (reserved for the house) whereas the American version has two (making its house edge slightly bigger). On the other hand, American Roulette features simplified betting rules.

Moreover, the Web is making interesting new variations on Roulette possible, and these should be tried, too (even if you settle back into your old favourite). In any case, don’t sink into just one format; at least try a few casino-game brands.