The Mysterious World of Magic & Card Tricks

The exact origins of card magic are difficult to pin down, but it’s generally considered that card sleight of hand (aka card magic) were created by gamblers who wanted to greatly improve their chances of winning when playing card games.

Playing cards themselves originated from around China and India and were introduced to Europe in the 14th Century by the Arabs who traveled there. This is the general consensus anyways.

The first mentions of playing cards and card magic were by the Italians, Spanish and French. The first “card shark” was considered to be French. He manipulated the deck so he could gain an advantage while playing various games.

Over the centuries, card magic has evolved from using no props to using various “technological” tricks. Great magicians have come and gone and the most popular ones have left their footprint. Magic is constantly changing with new ideas and tricks being created all the time. The following few articles coming up will give you a brief introduction to the history of magic, and a quick run-down of the most famous magicians of all time as well as a few card tricks that you can learn in a few minutes to impress your friends.

Magic is one of those unique situations where language barriers can easily be broken – without uttering a solitary word. It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you come from, the beauty of magic is both universal and visual.

In some parts of the world, magic is still viewed as anything BUT entertaining. It’s considered Witchcraft by many tribes – especially in Haiti. However, Western society sees magic tricks as 100% entertainment and that’s all it should be viewed as.

Hopefully the following articles will give you a nice gentle introduction to the wonderful world that is Magic!