Snakes and Ladders

Basic Details

Snakes and Ladders is a fun and exciting mobile slot which you can find at mFortune Mobile Casino.  The game is based on the classic children’s board game and the fact that almost anyone can relate to this is a reason why the game is such a huge success.

Visual Appearance

The fun, colourful design makes you want to have a spin at first glance.  Although the graphics used are very simple, it appears and plays beautifully on any device.  The developers have opted for the five-reel design as opposed to the three-reels which is more commonly seen on mobile-optimised games.  This causes the game to appear slightly crowded and complex, but once you have a spin and get used to it, it all becomes very straightforward.

Paying-in and Payouts

Players at mFortune mobile casino are given a very broad selection of methods for putting funds into the site or withdrawing them from your using a bank transfer or cheque

PayPal and Ukash

To reduce the risk of having any money stole during the transfer process, it is recommended that players use one of the various e-wallet options available.  These e-wallets, such as PayPal and Ukash, act as an intermediary in the transfer process and provide players with an additional level of security, making this the preferred option of most online gamblers.

Additional Features

The thing that stands out the most in Snakes and Ladders slot is the exciting and original bonus round.  The developers have obviously put a lot of effort into integrating the original board game format into the slot.  The Snakes & Ladders Mini-Game is activated when players manage to get three or more dice symbols on a pay line.  When it is triggered, players are taken to a board game bonus round and must work their way up the board to earn big cash prizes.  Players can roll the dice to make their way up the board, climbing the ladders and avoiding the snakes.

The game also has all the standard bonus features, including wild and scatter.  The wild bonus is represented by the snake and substituted for all symbols (except snake and dice). The scatter bonus is represented by the ladder and awards players with five, seven or nine free spins.

This game is worth checking out for the special bonus round alone.  Too often you see only the standard bonuses. Try it now and make your way to the top of the board!