Skill Based Casino Games

There is always an element of randomness in any form of gambling, but some games are stronger than others when it comes to skill. In our experience, these are some of the top skill gambling games to target at online casino sites.

Best Games of Skill for Money

There are lots of online games of skill for money, but some offer greater potential for winning cash prizes than others, so here are some top prospects to check out…


Blackjack represents a challenge where player and dealer try to finish closest to 21, with the first to surpass that number going bust. In blackjack, the skill is to figure out the odds of beating the dealer based on your hole cards and their upturned card.

Top Dog Slots is an excellent destination for blackjack because it’s accessible on mobile devices an can offer £600 worth of bonuses and 60 free spins to new players.

Video Poker

Video poker games are similar to their competitive multi-player variants, as players have to create strong hands by sticking with or switching their cards.

The decision-making is the skill element in these games of chance, with players able to calculate their chances of winning hands by figuring out how many cards in the deck can help them.

PocketWin is a mobile casino where players can indulge in video poker without having to cover a rake fee on each wager. After joining PocketWin, players can get a £5 free bonus to start playing video poker.


Baccarat is like blackjack in that players earn scores for their combined cards, with nine being the highest score. For reference, you only use the rightmost digit in baccarat, which means 13 would be scored as three. Baccarat typically has a generous RTP of close to 99%.

This is not quite as demanding as blackjack, but still integrates skill when figuring out how many cards remain in the deck and mentally calculating the chances of winning.

Rizk Casino is an excellent destination if players want to play live baccarat with actual dealers. If you join Rizk Casino, you can receive a £100 bonus with an initial deposit.

Types of Skill Based Gambling

Outside of the games themselves, there are different ways of categorising how they can be played. These are the most common formats you an expect to encounter…

Multi-player Tournaments

For years, poker has been the shining example when it came to multi-player tournaments, but fantasy sports have crept up in recent times. Beyond those games, you can also expect to find competitive tournaments in the likes of Bejeweled, first-person shooters, puzzles, and word games, with GSN Cash Games being a strong example.

Nowadays, it is possible to compete against players for real money. To avoid gambling restrictions, some US providers will award players’ entry fees as prize money.

Video Games

Single-player video games were the first example of utilising skill in this realm. Since the likes of Pong and Tetris first came on the scene, the world’s desire for skill-based video games has exploded.

When the digital realm expanded with PCs, most people started to play the likes of Solitaire and Minesweeper. With the rise of the internet and mobile devices, we have since been blessed with the likes of pool, ten-pin bowling, and Bubble Shooter.

Skillified Slots

Skill-based slots are becoming a stronger prospect. Years ago, some casino sites began to host slot tournaments as a means of promotion. There were examples of tournaments where the focus was on wagering the most. However, the more appealing to players was the challenge of earning the most winnings, which is where the skill lies.

More recently, a trend has emerged of slot developers integrating skill elements in their physical gaming machines, such as in Les Vegas. In side-games, players can attain extra winnings if they manage to answer questions or perform well in bonus rounds where skill is the core challenge.

The Present and Future of Skill Games

Blackjack, poker, and baccarat have been around for years and will continue to be popular skill based casino games. However, new opportunities have emerged where players can compete against friends by paying entry fees with the aim of claiming the top prizes.

As we move into the future, there are exciting prospects for skill games. The first will come when online slots integrate the skill elements being added to physical slot machines, while the second and, arguably, more exciting development will be playing skill games in virtual reality. Stick around for breaking analysis when these are fully realised.