Reptoids Slot

Are you nutty for conspiracy theories? Well, in the Reptoids slot, you’ll get to explore one up close and personal. Check out our Reptoids slot review to learn all about this conspiracy.

Where to Play

If you’re itching to discover this theory, then we suggest that you play this slot on the following sites:

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Game Theme

The theme of this game really is out there and it’s one that you can have fun exploring. Basically, they’re looking out for reptiles that are disguised as humans at the highest forms of government – we told you it was out there! These reptiles are looking to infiltrate the world and it’s up to you to stop them.

We really enjoyed the fact that this theme throws caution to the winds and creates something that is unique. With so many online slot games using the same themes, this is pretty refreshing!

How to Play

When you load up the Reptoids slot game, you will see that the game is housed in a virtual cabinet. This means it looks like an old fashioned fruit machine, while still having loads of brand new features too.

The betting options are really simple and allow you to switch things around using just one slider. All 20 paylines always active, so you just need to decide on your bet per line.


You’ll see a lot of different characters on these reels, with all of the top brass of the army involved. Each of these characters could potentially be a Reptiod in disguise! Just match up three symbols on the reels and you will be on your way to a win.

Special Features

There are quite a few special features within this game to look forward to, check out our summary:

  • Repto Detector – You’ll see a frame around one symbol at any given time, this is the Repto Detector. If it lands on a character symbol, then it may detect that they are actually a reptile! If this happens all instances of that symbol will be turned wild.
  • Free Spins – There are also free spins to watch out for within this game, just keep your fingers crossed and look for the scatter symbol. If the Repto Detector lands on the scatter, then you’ll get seven free spins to play with! You can get more spins while the round is playing, as more reptiles are revealed.
  • Wild Symbols – The wild symbol in this game is the uncovered reptile, it’s bright gold so you can’t miss it! Reveal the true natures of these characters to get your hands on bigger jackpots.

We love the way that Yggdrasil have taken a crazy theme and totally ran with it within the special features.

Mobile Play

If you can’t get enough of discovering these reptiles at a desktop, then take them on the go! The game is just as much fun, whether you play it with your smartphone or your tablet.


Reptiods is a really quirky slot game and if you want to try something new, you should definitely give it a few spins. We’d recommend it for anyone that wants to experience something out of the ordinary, if this is you then give it a few spins!