Real Money Mobile Gaming Platform Launched by Gamblit

If it wasn’t exciting enough at Gamblit with their partnership with South Korea’s NS Studio recently announced – they have now launched their real money gaming platform that has not only been approved in the UK but in Nevada too – the hub of gambling.

This California based developer has just announced that their real money gaming platform is now available and there are currently 10 games available – of course there is the scope for the introduction of many more.  Their target is social game and video game developers who would benefit from their client base being able to play from their mobile device.  Gamblit has also created a development kit for their users which allows developers to either integrate an existing SDK or start developing unique games which is definitely something that will get them interested.

Out of the 10 games that are currently accessible – 6 of them were created by their in-house team meaning that they are completely unique to Gamblit.  They cover a range of themes, to try and appeal to as many consumers as possible.  For example there is Dreadnought which is space themed and a spin off to the Battleships board game that everyone knows and loves!  It has 5 reels, 3 paylines and a bonus game that allows players to double their win or leave with nothing.  This will be perfect for players who like a little risk!

Then there is Lucky Words which is ideal for the wordsmiths out there.  The object of the game is for players to spell out words which will result in them scooping some big cash wins.  It’s Physics based, so get your old text books out if you are a bit rusty.  They also have strategists covered with their Raze game.  Here players can bet on the outcome of a dice roll.  If you think you are good at the famous casino game Craps – then this one would be right up your street.

The most interesting creation is Pachinko Onslaught which is developed specifically for casino operators.  If you are familiar with the Pachinko game originating from Japan, you will have a good idea of what it’s like to play this one.  There are other 3rd party games that they license such as Spinners which again has a word puzzle theme. This cool creation was developed by Double Coconut Studios.

As mentioned Gambit also joined forces with NS Studio’s but there are other partners that are having their input such as Gamiker, Flexball and Shanda Games.  All of these together are sure to make a dream team and create a promising future for Gamblit.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gamblit; the reason they have been able to develop such a product is that they managed to secure $12 million in funding earlier this year.  The Chief Marketing Officer seems to be extremely excited about the company’s future stating that he hopes that their new platform will encourage people to think outside the box when it comes to gaming and to attract a whole new type of player.  He added that there are lots of others who have shown interest in investing in this space – which gives you an idea of the promising future of Gamblit and mobile gaming platforms.

Let’s see what this company can bring us next!