Playing Against the Dealer

Amidst various sorts of casino table games that differ by how much a player actually does, the ones where the dealer is the opponent offer a unique experience. Some like Roulette and Baccarat only involve, respectively, bets on an event (the ball spun around the wheel) or bets about what a dealer does (either for or against the cards dealt). But Blackjack has an especially charming character in which players form individual hands, and yet challenge the dealer’s hand.

Beating a Dealer vs Other Players

The key aspect of being focused upon only one other hand that is formed by the dealer (who is a professional player, with authority) instead of the many hands of fellow players (who are amateurs or experts, with various levels of skill) is something to appreciate.

Mellow Gambling

Blackjack is a game with an interesting balance of complexity in many respects, including its internal competition. Compared to Texas Hold’em, for example, Blackjack is simpler because one does not have to track the many threats from others competing at the table. Also, the rules of forming a winning hand have a brilliant, elegant simplicity.

Therefore, the feelings and requirements of winning against a Blackjack dealer offer an intriguing mixture of the thrill factor and how much the player must mentally track. While it may seem that gameplay is more relaxed, the relative simplicity of Blackjack rules drives a player’s attention inward, while the game’s minimal character also turns out to have enormous strategic and even mathematical depth.

The Decks of Blackjack

Did you know that a game of Blackjack can be staged using anything from one deck (52 cards) to eight decks (416 cards)? This affects not only the perceived complexity or difficulty of playing and forming a winning hand, but it also affects the house (dealer) edge.

Strategy Tip

You should always make an effort to find out how many decks your online Blackjack game uses; you can assume you’re in an 8-deck game if this fact is unclear.

In basic terms, the increase in the house edge from one deck to two deck games (approximately 30%) is most significant. After that, the differences from using 3 or more decks are smaller.

Favorable Odds

Since the player has a greater power to blackjack and win when there are less cards, casinos will place many more restrictions upon such games (thereby making it more complex, more tedious).

So, all in all, players should be aware of whether it is a one-deck table or a multiple deck — but it is safe to assume you won’t be in a 52 card game unless it is quite obvious.

Tips to Deal with Dealers

Although there are a couple general types of Blackjack strategy — statistical type approaches, and, ‘advantage play’ methods (involving the mental efforts of keenly observant players) — these are most applicable to live games when seated at a table physically at a casino.

  • The character of this game, which is based upon competing with a dealer, obviously changes quite a bit if your dealer is an automatic computer algorithm rather than another human’s brain!
  • Even a live dealer game via the Web will be somewhere in-between playing against a computer and a human being.
  • Online Blackjack games can emphasise certain aspects of the game, while suppressing others connected to human nature and careful observation of the dealer’s bodily gestures, the condition of the cards and decks, and so on.
  • Generally, the cold mathematics of Blackjack may come to the surface more with online versions, whereas players in a land-based casino can rely upon their eyesight to suss out concealed cards, do ‘shuffle tracking’, and of course engage in card counting techniques.

A Very Human Game

As you can probably tell, Blackjack may be simple enough to learn (with its well known principle of making a hand worth as near to 21 without going bust), yet once you start playing its depth of possibilities will unfold.

There is plenty to learn about this fascinating and challenging game, whether you prefer a natural approach or an analytical strategy. But in an of itself, the basic fact of playing against a dealer is something you should consider and respect, since it is a keystone of gameplay and best practices in Blackjack.