Player Wins 2 Consecutive Slots Jackpots

So, let’s get this picture clear: you have dreamt of the scenario of winning the big bucks online for ages and you have clearly imagined the smile on your face the moment you check your bank account and find a few more extra zeros on your balance.

Well, for one person, they made that dream become a reality whilst also showing that is very possible to rake in the mega money and collect wondrous winnings by hitting the double jackpot while you are online.

So what actually happened?

This particular individuals’ big pay-day came through utilising the ever-rewarding NetEnt slots, who seem to be just continually rewarding its users by dishing out the big bucks these days. The lucky player, who now has ownership over a much larger bank account than they previously did before, managed to capture his hands on the incredible jackpot that saw his winnings rapidly soar sky high over the massive total of over fifty thousand euros whilst using Jetbull Casino.

NetEnt is viewed by many as one of the world’s most popular and secure provider of slots and with generous stories such as this particular one, it is very difficult to argue otherwise.

The player, who comes from New Zealand, was rather simply just spinning the reels on Jetbull Casino’s online slots when, absolutely incredibly, in just one roll, he suddenly sealed and secured two totally unexpected and exciting victories that came streaming in so quickly one after the other.

How did it happen though?

A player has managed to secure big earnings whilst using NetEnt slots and Jetbull Casino, but how did they actually do it? Well, you see, it all started through the player deciding to take his shot by playing two rounds, in which he initially placed a total bet of sixty-two euros. Thereafter, he decided it was appropriate to place a further bet that was as little as just twelve euros on a Dead or Alive slot – the slot that after betting such little money, he ended up seeing a whopping and ginormous bulk sum of thirty-eight thousand euros flying straight into New Zealand and into his much weightier and plump bank balance.

However though, unsurprisingly, he enjoyed that massive victory and decided that he was certainly not done there. The New Zealander could not believe his luck and no sooner after gawping at the sheer enormity of his winnings, the player added another, but only this time on the hugely popular and generous Scruffy Duck Slot.

As if by magic, this bet also resulted in an extremely favourable outcome for this individual, with him pocketing the overall jackpot which happened to be worth an added total of thirteen thousand euros. In the space of such a short time, this lucky New Zealander had been subject to a thirty-eight-thousand-euro delivery straight into his bank account, and, thereafter, an added bulk of thirteen thousand euros to take his attractive winnings to a total of fifty thousand.

What do the winnings actually show?

Although NetEnt are continually adding to their rewarding nature and reputation towards their users, the sheer amount that one individual raked in within such a short space of time has proved to be such an absolutely sensational and incredible story. It has truly shown that it is certainly possible to rake in the big bucks whilst online.

If you’re a budding slot game player, then this may be just enough to get you back to playing on NetEnt online slots. There are loads of new ones coming out all the time, you might just be lucky enough to get your slice of the action.