Placing Your Roulette Bets

To be quite honest, Roulette has one of the highest house edges of any game in a casino. Therefore some write it off as a ‘negative expectation’ gamble, including mathematicians. Since the game appeared, many have tried to work out a scientific method to beat the Roulette wheel, but without success.

Also, unlike games using cards that involve a large amount of interactions with the players’ psychologies (individually as with Blackjack, or socially as with poker), in Roulette there is no legal, above the board way to increase the RTP (or, ‘return to player’ percentage).

That leaves one thing and one thing alone for the player to do: bet smartly. What qualifies as ‘smart’ in Roulette is open to interpretations. There are many allegedly winning systems or strategies that claim to be effective.

The bottom line is that unless a player’s perception of gameplay and results is left purely to be explained by chance or superstitions, some formal method should be used (at least to give what happens across series of spins coherence and personal meaning).

The Betting Board

Perhaps the most complex aspect of Roulette is its betting layout that is printed on the felt of the gaming table. Upon this layout’s map of all the slots in the wheel, players position chips to indicate the types of bets they wish to lay stakes upon.

As in other casino games, chips should be placed carefully so as to indicate the types of bets intended. Learning those rules and customs, along with gaining knowledge of all the betting options available, are the most demanding aspects of the game. Otherwise, you might say that Roulette is a relatively leisurely experience.

ROULETTE TIP — Make sure to pick a table with other players. This way you are not the only bettor and your session bankroll will go farther.

How Online Roulette Simplifies Bets

Since it will take a bit of time and practice to learn the betting techniques, as well as to gain direct experience of making each of the 14 total types of bets (8 Inside Bets, 6 Outside Bets), you may want to learn proactively.

One way to do that aside from general studies or book learning, in the most first-hand way, is to use online Roulette games. This is a fun way to get the hang of it (and at low stakes, or entirely for free). You have 4 options:

  1. find a free, offline roulette app for your phone
  2. play an online roulette game for light competition
  3. move on to real betting in a Web-based casino
  4. finally, you can try live spinner online games

In these options, which can be used as preparations for playing at a land-based casino, the betting board’s layout is a bit easier to deal with. That is because there is less pressure upon you to bet from others, and, you can use cheat sheets or consult the help tools on-screen.

Betting Etiquette

One characteristic of betting that many Roulette players grow to love is its inherent performance and drama. Of course, land-based games and games with spectators make this aspect most pronounced.

When you play Roulette, in some way or another your actions will tell the story of how you view the game, what you think is effective strategy, and, perhaps even your philosophy regarding chance itself. Also, you will be expressing yourself (your degree of composure, basically).

All of this, the sum total responses and etiquette, will amount to your style. Above all, playing Roulette requires courtesy, politeness, elegance and composure. If those appeal to you, then you shall love the pomp and spectacle (and humour) of this game.

Wide Variety of Bets to Make

If you are not well versed in the many betting options (as you know, there are precise and general ways to wager on the outcome of a spin) then you will not be playing to your fullest potential. The choices of bets and moreover the way bets are combined and varied over time form one’s overall method and style.

The bets are a kind of language. They enable you to cover as many of the possible landing slots on the wheel with a wager as you wish, as closely or loosely spaced as you wish. You can, for instance, create your own patterns, or you can use the Snake Bet with its preset pattern on the betting layout.

Winning Strategies

As you now know, what qualifies as a winning strategy is anybody’s guess (or strong conviction) in the refined and cultured game of Roulette. You may find that it necessarily puts you into a philosophical mood, wondering about grand concepts like luck, risk, chance and so forth.

Because Roulette could be considered less skill-oriented and more performative and self-expressive, the feeling of winning on this games is unique. The rush of success, in other words, has a singular sensation on Roulette wheel.

Indeed, being a winner at Roulette could very well have more meaning for the individual than other casino games, precisely because the game itself supplies less concrete explanation for why one player wins. Its mystery is its beauty!