Payout Percentages at Online Casinos

The term payout percentage is to describe the average rate at which players can reasonably expect to generate winnings in comparison to their stake. Payout percentages at online casinos vary depending on the games you play and which developers made them. Return to player is another popular way of describing this topic.

On the topic of best payout percentage online casinos, the average rate will typically fall anywhere from 80% to 98%. To see that return, however, you would likely have to play one million rounds of the game. The percentage has more value for informing you off how your stake compares against the potential winnings.

Checking Payout Percentages

The unfortunate truth is that you can never entirely be aware of the payout percentages in the online casino games you play. From operator to operator, customer service differs. Basically, this means that some casino sites will try to be as transparent as possible, whereas others will keep information to themselves.

For the casinos that take pride in sharing information, you will generally see the site’s most competitive payout percentages clearly displayed in the marketing materials. This is to demonstrate players that the games are all operated on a fair basis and that they genuinely have a chance of winning.

Payout rate online casino verification can be tough. At best, you will find the incredibly rare site that lists its percentages for every game. Typically, a site will quote its most competitive payout percentage, but will only be for select games. Terms and conditions can be helpful, but you will have to devote a long time to performing searches.

Working Out the Percentages

All casino games function based on algorithms, which are otherwise known as random number generators. Essentially, these determine whether or not a player will win. To prove the integrity of random number generators, casino operators and software developers undergo rigorous testing with specialists in that form of mathematics.

The simple explanation is that the long-term performance of a random number generator will determine the payout percentage for the game that you are playing. However, payout percentages can feel somewhat hollow in comparison to random number generators.

You could make 100 spins of a slot game and in a session and you could lose anywhere from negative £100 to plus £5 million. The gargantuan scale of variation makes it rather pointless to look at payout percentages for every game you play.

Payout Percentages at Popular Sites

There are many casino sites that we appreciate, and one of them is Lucky Admiral Casino. After checking out the site’s terms and conditions, we can confirm that all of the random number generators have been tested by iTech Labs, with certification approval coming from eCOGRA. But don’t look too hard for the payout percentages – we have not been able to find these listed anywhere.

Thrills Casino is another site that we like. This time, however, we can confirm that you can check out all of the payout percentages for the games. In fact, Thrills Casino goes so far as to list the specific payout percentages for more than 530 different games. For the most part, the percentages are 95%.

Slots Heaven is clear with players in communication that its operations are officially licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Licensing Authority. In providing insight on its random number generators, Slots Heaven assures players that testing entails the verifications of 300 million numbers. Slots Heaven does not display payout percentages for all games.

Guts Casino provides us with a final example of a site that does not list its percentages. For as much information as we can read in the terms and conditions, there is no mention of return to player or payout percentages. However, you should absolutely trust this site because it is officially licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and other prominent jurisdictional organisations.

Finally, you cannot get caught up on payout percentages or allow for them to sway your thinking. You should instead look for verification on your online casino’s homepage to check whether or not the random number generators governing the games are trustworthy. There will typically be a seal of approval that you can look for. This is much more important than obsessing over payout percentage promises.