Ozwin’s Jackpots

Ozwin’s Jackpots is a slot that is guaranteed to provide you with a spell-bounding experience and a hint of a mystical twist.

Where to play

Want to be in with a chance of getting your hands on these wondrous winnings? Well, you can play the game at:

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UK players only

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UK players only

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About the Game

As a game that is developed by Yggdrasil, Ozwin’s Jackpots spells for a mythical and enchanting money-making adventure for all its users.

Under the eye of the all-watching, the story sees you, his trusty apprentice, casting a variety of spells in a bid to lift an ancient curse that will bring both the mighty magician himself back to his human shape whilst also, in the process, giving you the opportunity to gain otherworldly winnings.


Alongside what is a sorcerous storyline, the setting of the game will transport you into the darkest and most enchanted corners of a universe, in which the glistening colours of the crystals and your winnings are its only shining lights.


In terms of the symbols that are used for the game, featured throughout are a mix and variation of shapes of classy crystals, potent potions and, also, the wise owl form of the cursed wizard, Ozwin.

If you are wanting to be in with a shot of collecting some winnings, all you need to do is match up three or more symbols on a payline and it will be your turn to pick up the big bucks. You can choose to adjust your coin value, however, you will always play with the same number of paylines.

Special Features

  • Free spins – The game has more rewards for its users than a spell book has spells. An example of this is that if you collect as little as 5 crystals then you will win jackpot free spins.
  • Triple winnings – “Abraca-tripplemywinnings!” As part of this particular special feature, if you win any money through Free Spins then you will instantly have your prize money tripled.
  • Jackpot Orbs – Are you wanting the chance to really earn the big bucks? If you collect 5 identical orbs in Free Spins then you will win a jackpot.

Mobile Play

If you are interested in winning whilst on the go? Have no fear, Ozwin’s Jackpots is also available to play on your mobile. No matter if you are travelling or waiting in queue, just a few quick taps on your mobile and you will be transported back into the realms of the mystical money-making world.


Now is the time to get your wand out and to get your spell book at the ready. This slot game will take you to mystical locations and put you into storylines and game scenarios that you will have never experienced before. Magic will happen when you sign up for Ozwin’s Jackpots.