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Our site can give you exactly what you need to know about playing at blackjack casinos online. In a single guide, you can learn about the best casino sites and bonuses, not to mention the top rules, tips, and strategy to improve your game. Let’s get started with the best places to play.

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What Are the Rules of Blackjack?

Compared to roulette, blackjack can be a simpler game for many players to get to grips with. At the same time, it has an appeal with seasoned gamblers who like having close control over their decisions. Before getting started, make sure to understand the objective and how winning works:

  • Reach 21: Blackjack is a game in which players receive cards in an attempt to get a higher score than the dealer without going above 21.
  • Bust after 21: Each player starts with two cards and is given the option to accept one card each round until they go beyond 21.
  • Splitting pairs: On occasion, it’s possible to double a stake or split pairs to create two different hands.
  • How to win: To determine who wins a hand, the dealer will add up the value of the opponent’s cards and compare it to their own.
  • Scoring cards: The numbered cards running two through 10 are the same value that they display, while jacks, queens, and kings are each worth 10. Meanwhile, an ace can be worth one or 11 depending on the circumstances.
  • Pushed hands: In the event of a draw, both players will get their stake back.

How Can You Improve Your Blackjack Strategy?

In the core experience of online blackjack, there are many aspects to consider when improving your blackjack strategy. Below, there are lots of ways to improve, but the initial pieces of advice are geared towards beginners:

  • Start with small stakes: Crashing out of a session early is a bad idea, so start spreading out your funds by lowering the size of your wagers. There are plenty of blackjack tables that will let you place £1 minimum to play.
  • Play the basics: A general rule of thumb can be to hit until you reach 16. After this point, you are much more likely to draw a card that makes you go bust. If you go bust, then you definitely cannot beat the dealer.
  • Look at the dealer’s up-card: The biggest warning sign is when the dealer has an ace or a face-card showing. If you are headed for a low-scoring hand, such as 16 or 17, then you could risk hitting once more to get closer to 21.
  • Only split with aces and 8s: When starting with a pair, you can add another wager split the cards into two hands. Aces and 8s offer the greatest potential to win, so resist the temptation to split with other pairs.
  • Avoid side-bets: For those who are new to blackjack, it is better to avoid the side-bets. In most cases, the side-bets have extremely long odds of success, so they will only prove to be a drain on your starting bankroll.
  • Count the decks: It’s important to remember that a higher number of decks will increase the house advantage.
  • Check the software: For online blackjack strategy, it’s worth running a Google search of the software on which you are playing. Sometimes you can find out how many virtual decks are being used.
  • What this means: Should a game have eight decks, you should play more conservatively, as the dealer has even more opportunities to win.
  • Cut back on risky play: Blackjack will punish you for taking continuous risks. Now and then, you might get away with making the odd erratic decision, but eventually the mathematical odds will restore balance.
  • When to sit: Generally, you should avoid hitting on anything above a 16. There are highly in-depth mathematical studies on this topic, but that is the simplest and most effective piece of advice.
  • Dealer strategy: The dealer has to hit until they reach 17, so they can go bust at unexpected moments.
  • Don’t risk going bust: Never forget that you are playing blackjack online against a dealer and that their cards absolutely matter during play. For instance, don’t take unnecessary risks trying to improve your hand when you risk going bust.
  • Otherwise it’s impossible to win: When you go bust, there will be zero chance of winning because you will be out before they even have to make their next decision. Stay in the game and avoid going bust and you will still have a chance to win.

What Are the Odds of Winning at Blackjack?

By nature, blackjack is a much more mathematically complex game to play than roulette. Mathematicians have produced numerous theses on the topic, but we are going to provide some more basic information on the blackjack odds and payouts:

  • Blackjack 21 (ace and face-card): Receive a 3/2 payout.
  • Beat the dealer: even-money payout.
  • Push (draw with the dealer): Stake is returned.
  • House edge: Novice players are typically at a 2% disadvantage, whereas experienced mathematicians can get closer to 0.5%.
  • The odds vary: Blackjack odds differ significantly based on there being one to eight decks, standing or hitting on a soft 17, doubling on bets, splitting pairs, and so many other outcomes.

Are There Any Basic Tips for Playing Blackjack Online?

 Online blackjack is a game that has an extra level of decision-making compared to the land-based casino version. Alongside the main game, there are other factors that can impact success. But you can get ready for your next session with the helpful blackjack tips below:

  • Play for money: Blackjack is a game based on rewards, so in most cases it makes no sense to play without them. Of course, playing free is logical for players who are trying to learn how to play, as they won’t have to risk using their own money. Playing for free can also help more experienced players practise their mathematical decision-making on the different hands they will receive.
  • Avoid bonus money: The vast majority of casino websites set a horrible rate of wagering requirements on bonus funds for table games like blackjack. While slots could have 30x requirements, the level might increase by a factor of 100 to be 3,000x for blackjack – use real money to avoid this added complication.
  • Don’t place side bets: In online blackjack, some software developers have added extra features to their various versions of the game. For instance, some sites will pay out rewards for perfect pairs. However, this will only happen if a player actually bets on perfect pairs and happens to have one at the time. Avoid backing side bets such as perfect pairs because they will drain your bankroll much quicker.
  • Look for mobile compatibility: Sitting with an overheating laptop on your legs can make it tough to stay comfortable and play patiently. But playing mobile blackjack on a smartphone or tablet can erase those problems. At present, Android and Apple iOS devices have the highest level of compatibility among mobile casinos.
  • Consider live dealer games: This technology has advanced greatly thanks to visual refinements and a widespread improvement in broadband and Wi-Fi speeds. There has never been a better time to play live blackjack than right now. Desktop games offer familiarity, but the live versions are more exciting for mimicking real-life.

What’s New With Blackjack Games?

Games are always changing and there are new blackjack game trends that you can get on board with. This includes:

  • New variations: We’re not content with just one type of game. We want to play on side games and bets where possible. These can include side bets and variations on the usual gameplay, like Perfect Pairs and Bonanza Blackjack. Caribbean and themed blackjack games are also getting a bit more popular. It makes sense seeing as themed slots do well, so a similar audience may also enjoy themed table games.
  • New developments: In terms of developments, we can always look to the latest tech to see what’s becoming popular. Live casinos and more graphically intense games are becoming more accessible for players, as their devices are more capable of accessing them. There’s no need to have specialist devices, which makes new blackjack games simple for new players to select.
  • New strategies: We’re always interested in seeing the latest strategies, which take advantage of the system. We all know the classic strategies, but new blackjack strategy sometimes take into account things we’ve never even considered. For online gamblers, there are strategy guides up within no time for the new variations that we’ve mentioned above. For example, if you’re playing Caribbean Blackjack, then you can make optional poker side bets. In terms of strategy, we want to make sure it’s a good time to make these bets and split our hands if needed.
  • Changing technologies: If you went back 20 years and told people they could play real money gambling games on their phone, they’d be shocked. Now, we’re reaching a point at which we could be playing on a fully immersive VR blackjack experience. The big point to remember with blackjack is that the game is still the same at its core, the same it’s been for hundreds of years, but the way we play it is apt to change with technology.
  • More regulation: Some gambling sites have been playing fast and loose with their promotional terms or fair play testing. Unlike the sites you’ll find listed with us, these sites will be changing as the Gambling Commission turns the spotlight on them. This will lead to every site paying a bit more attention to their terms and what they offer their players. This will probably have an effect on the industry at large as they work to ensure they can’t be fined for their terms.

Top Blackjack Trivia

The game of blackjack goes back a number of centuries, boasting a rich history throughout much of the world. For your enjoyment, here are some interesting blackjack trivia to enjoy:

  • Blackjack is generally accepted to have originated at French casinos in the 1700s; a similar game called “One and Thirty” was played in Spain.
  • Former French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was the earliest celebrity player, having discovered blackjack after being deposed.
  • Eleanor Dumont, also known as Madame Moustache, was active during the times of the Gold Rush and was the first professional blackjack player in America.
  • Blackjack cards were first stored together in an object resembling a woman’s shoe. This is from where the blackjack shoe takes its name.
  • The movie 21 was based on a real-life group of American students who counted cards and signalled another group member to make the big bets.
  • In August 2001, a blackjack dealer once worked for 51 hours and 33 minutes straight at Malta’s Oracle Casino. That is the longest blackjack shift on record.
  • The Blackjack Hall of Fame was opened at California’s Barona Casino in 2002.

Incredible Blackjack Wins

This final section is devoted to sharing stories of some big-time blackjack wins from recent years. There are some truly astonishing stories gathered here.

2018: Manuel Ortiz Goes from $5 to $1 Million

Manuel Ortiz makes the list after starting on just $5 and building that humble bankroll all the way up to more than $1 million (£710,000). Ortiz earned his win while playing at the Live Casino and Hotel in Maryland, US.

2011: Don Johnson is the $15 Million Expert

A man named Don Johnson negotiated special rules with three casinos, including 20% high-roller paybacks and splitting on up to four hands. Six months later and the casinos were staring at $15 million worth of losses to blackjack expert Johnson.

1995: Kerry Packer Blitzes the MGM Grand

Kerry Packer was a billionaire Australian businessman who loved to play blackjack. Although famed for losing close to $20 million apiece at the Bellagio and Ritz in Las Vegas. However, it is said that Packer was able to win $26 in just a couple of hours at the MGM Grand.

You can enjoy your next blackjack experience even more now that you know the core basics.

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