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Online Blackjack

Our site can give you exactly what you need to know about playing at blackjack casinos online. In a single guide, you can learn about the best casino sites and bonuses, not to mention the top rules, tips, and strategy to improve your game. Let’s get started with the best places to play.


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For NewCasinosOnline.co to recommend a site, it has to be impressive in a few key areas. From casino to casino this can vary, but sites generally demand attention for the following reasons:

Blackjack Rules

Compared to roulette, blackjack can be a simpler game for many players to get to grips with. Meanwhile, it has an appeal with seasoned gamblers who like having close control over their decisions. Before getting started, make sure to read the objective and how winning works.


Blackjack is a game in which players receive cards in an attempt to get a higher score than the dealer without going above 21. Each player starts with two cards and is given the option to accept one card each round until they go beyond 21. On occasion, it is possible to double a stake or split pairs to create two different hands.


To determine who wins a hand, the dealer will add up the value of the opponent’s cards and compare it to their own. The numbered cards running two through 10 are the value that they display, while jacks, queens, and kings are each worth 10. Meanwhile, an ace can be worth one or 11 depending on the circumstances. In the event of an equal outcome, both players will get their stake back.

Playing Tips

Online blackjack is a game that has an extra level of decision-making compared to the land-based casino version. Alongside the main game, there are other factors that can impact success. But you can get ready for your next session with the helpful blackjack tips below.

1. Play for Money

Playing online blackjack for money is the best way to experience the game. This is because blackjack is a game based on rewards, so it makes no sense to play without them. Of course, playing free is logical for players who are trying to learn how to play, as they won’t have to risk using their own money. Playing for free can also help more experienced players practise their mathematical decision-making on the different hands they will receive.

2. Avoid Bonus Money

Another online playing tip is to avoid using bonus funds with online blackjack games. The vast majority of casino websites set a horrible rate of wagering requirements on bonus funds when used on table games like blackjack. While slots could have 30x requirements, the level might increase by a factor of 100 to be 3000x for blackjack – some casinos won’t even consider blackjack in bonus funds.

Therefore, the odds of clearing bonus funds will be much worse for blackjack. Just stick with using real money and you will remove the complex distraction of wagering requirements from the experience. Some casinos will offer special live dealer bonuses, so look out for them instead because they are more generous for play-through requirements.

3. Avoid Side Bets

In online blackjack, some software developers have added extra features to their various versions of the game. For instance, some sites will pay out rewards for perfect pairs. However, this will only happen if a player actually bets on perfect pairs and happens to have one at the time – do not do this. Avoid backing side bets such as perfect pairs because they will drain a bankroll much quicker than playing tight and safe.

4. Look for Mobile Compatibility

Sitting in front of a PC or with an overheating laptop on legs can make it tough to stay comfortable and play with a patient approach. But playing mobile blackjack on a smartphone or tablet can erase those problems, while also giving the freedom to play blackjack games on the move. In the current marketplace, Android and Apple iOS devices have the highest level of compatibility among mobile casinos.

5. Consider Live Dealer Games

Since live dealer games began to emerge in 2012, this technology has advanced greatly thanks to control refinements and a widespread improvement in broadband and Wi-Fi speeds. Quite simply, there has never been a better time to play live blackjack than right now. Desktop games do offer familiarity, but the live versions can be extremely exciting in getting to play in a virtual game that closely mimics the real-life experience.

Gaming Strategy

While playing blackjack, it is important to remember that a higher number of decks will increase the house advantage. For online blackjack strategy, it is worth running a Google search of the software on which you are playing. Sometimes you can find out how many virtual decks are being used. Should a game have eight decks, you should play more conservatively, as the dealer has even more opportunities to win.

Blackjack will punish you for taking continuous risks. Now and then, you might get away with making the odd erratic decision, but eventually the mathematical odds will restore balance. Generally, you should avoid hitting on anything above a 16. There are highly in-depth mathematical studies on this topic, but that is simplest and most effective piece of advice. The dealer has to hit until they reach 17, so they can go bust at unexpected moments.

Never forget that you are playing against a dealer and that their cards absolutely matter during play. For instance, don’t take unnecessary risks trying to improve your hand when you risk going bust. When you go bust, there will be zero chance of winning because you will be out before they even have to make their next decision. Stay in the game and avoid going bust and you will always have a chance to win the hand.

You can enjoy your next blackjack experience now that you know the core basics!

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