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The change in legal status of real-cash gaming in New Jersey is worth noting. The state’s lawmakers and governor have approved regulated online gaming. As a result, some of the world’s biggest online game brands like the Virgin Group are rushing to the scene.

It is now possible for New Jersey residents to play for real cash when inside state borders. And that means win real cash, too. Already, from the starting gate, there have been 15 licenses granted — each filled the New Jersey coffers by a significant amount.

Casinos with their Act Together

Now that we all know the score about NJ online casino gambling, let’s turn our attention to a few examples of early leaders in the state. These are casino brands that have swooped in, and seem intent to create early leads in brand-recognition.


888 is a dynamic online casino destination in its own right, sure, but what you should realise is that it is also its own game studio. 888 makes game titles that other casinos want to license! You get $10 in no-deposit bonus cash to start. Read the review of UK 888 Casino

This 888 property is especially designed for American players — more specifically, New Jersey players. That is stated plainly on the website, with the NJ seal of approval (literally).


The Caesars Group has a big home-field advantage over relative newcomers from across the sea, like 888 and VirginGames. It is offering the same $10 free cash offer to new sign-ups. This is about double the norm found in the UK and Europe at the moment, by the way. Read UK’s Casino.com review

You have the option to ‘play for fun’ in non-cash mode before you turn on the real action and go for a win. There is a full selection of games in every category of game. Caesars makes it look like New Jersey, USA always had online gambling.


The Borgata is up’ing the ante in New Jersey, apparently, by doubling what the others are giving to new members. Borgata’s $20 in bonus chips for 1000 new accounts per day is impressive — four times the going baseline in the UK.

This casino is in step with the times, also, since it makes it clear that you can either download casino-game software, or, just play inside the browser window. Games include some hot titles like the StarTrek slot and Monopoly Plus. Check out more slots

Getting Hooked Up

Now, since real-money gaming is quite new in Jersey, you may not know exactly how to get signed up and so forth. As you know, the rules say that you must stay within NJ state borders. But the question is, how would they know where you are when you play?

The answer is that you must provide two vital facts about yourself: your Social Security  Number (that’s a verification of your age) and your US-based cell phone. No phone, no play — because this is how the casinos can verify you are in the state, which is crucial to stay within the law. It is a cell phone, not your IP address, which is used to keep your gambling inside NJ.

Player Experiences

As yet, we have not heard of any major scams or problems in New Jersey, but you know there are bound to be a few minor glitches as the games, casinos and customers settle into this new opportunity! But with much scrutiny on the new NJ online casino games right now, we think you will be safe.

If you are worried about getting ripped off somehow, in the first blush of casino entertainment appearing in NJ, then you should definitely not use a credit card to sign up! What most people don’t understand is that when you use an alternative to credit cards (such as a good e-wallet or cash vouchers), this service is useful because your identity is kept confidential.

This way, you are not exposing your online identity, with all its passcodes, to theft or misuse. Online security is something you should be concerned with all the time, however, since bread-crumbs of information about you over time can be used by criminals to unlock your online affairs.

Banking Big on NJ Casinos

There is a lot changing on the scene of New Jersey casinos, including how to accommodate the state’s new players when Federal laws continue to prohibit credit cards or financial services from handling or processing gambling-related funds.

For customers whose banks are not in New Jersey (perhaps a national credit card company like Chase), the best option will be something more local. ACH (electronic cheques) are a great option, again, as long as your checking account’s bank is in NJ.

We think that in a short time, the best casinos operating in this state will go far beyond offering VISA payments or other NJ casinos accepting Mastercard. We know that alternatives to credit or debit services, as in Europe and the UK, will begin to flourish because they are so easy. As a result, look for more NJ casinos that accept PayPal or Neteller or Eco (there are many options).

New Jersey and Vegas

Atlantic City and Las Vegas do compete, but that’s an unfair match because Vegas is just so legendary, and very developed. However, now that NJ has lifted its own obstacles to offering gambling to its citizens and to drawing in players as tourists, it is in a firm second to Nevada’s famous capital of the games.

Delaware would be in third. California may enter the national casino stage, too. For now, an online casino in NJ is offering something unique: world class online and mobile casino entertainment, with that special Jersey attitude and charm. See No Deposit casino sites here

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