New Slots

Here, you can find everything important to know on the topic of new slot machines 2018. The key areas include what makes great new slot games, which developers made the slots, the promotional benefits, and plenty of other details.

What Makes a Great Online Slot?

Now that some of the best new online slots have been shared, it is time to explore what makes a great gaming experience.


Every slot needs to have an initial draw to encourage players to experience them. This can happen in many different ways, from exploring themes like history and sweets to partnering with licensed entertainment properties.


Slots games can go from basic to ambitious in their design, but this does not prevent developers from making their design look good. If a slot does not look good enough for you, then you are certain to find something better looking at another casino.


Some developers are getting even more ambitious when making new slots 2018 releases. By adding a fourth row of symbols, it is quite easy to push a five-reel slot all the way up to 40 or even 50 paylines in total, which is huge.

High RTP

This stands for return to player (RTP) and is displayed as a percentage. Quite simply, a higher percentage makes it more likely for you to win – anything above 95% is a pretty good RTP.

Slot Variance

Variance is what determines how frequently and how valuable a slot will be. Low variance will entail frequent payouts at smaller values, while high variance can have huge winning potential, but you will not win anywhere near as often.

Bonus Features

Slot games are outfitted with an array of symbols that are matched on paylines in the same game. However, slots require a little more substance to retain long-term interest. These can include the likes of wild symbols, free spins, multipliers, or the hallowed side games.


Wild are just as important as ever, with these symbols often landing to save a payline win or to make it even larger by appearing at the end of the line. They can be even more valuable when a slot jacks up their multiplier value.


Jackpots will be another factor that comes into play. The higher the variance, the larger the jackpot can potentially be. In some cases, slots will come with a progressive jackpot that expands to huge levels because it is built from players’ wagers.

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, it is imperative for new slot games to work on many different devices. In terms of prevalence, mobile screens are now more utilised than desktop. Therefore, you have to have slots that can adjust to the varied sizes of the screens on smartphones and tablets.

Demo Modes

New slots are more likely to innovate and experiment with new features not found in older games. As a result, it might be a little more challenging than normal to start playing. This is when a demo mode can be so appealing in helping you to get familiar.

Special Promos

One of the best things about new slots is when casino sites attach a special promo to celebrate the release. For instance, you might encounter free spins or deposit bonuses the most commonly.

Who’s behind the Best New Slots?

There are too many slot developers to name in this section. However, New Casinos Online has found that the following developers have proven to be incredibly consistent when producing great new slots.


Eyecon is a quite a traditional slot developer that prefers to make games with cartoon graphics. Rather than pursue elite technical standards, Eyecon prefers to keep things simple and ensure that slots are fun and accessible.

Recreating Old Slots

Nevertheless, Eyecon slots have shown that they can be innovative, with the developer upgrading older titles. For example, Fluffy Favourites has inspired the production of Fluffy Zoo, Fluffy Favourites Fairground, and also a progressive jackpot version as well.

Key Eyecon Features

There are a number of trends that you can easily spot in Eyecon games, with the following being quite common:

    • Fun themes: Eyecon keeps the subject matter light by using cartoon graphics avoiding more serious themes.
    • Building franchises: The multiple entries into the likes of Fluffy Favourites has enabled Eyecon to capitalise on specific popularity in certain franchises.
  • Slot features: 243 ways of winning, free spins, bonus rounds, and progressive jackpots are all commonly utilised features by Eyecon.


NetEnt slots boast an impressive scope, with the developer able to cover all major bases. For every stunningly designed video slot, NetEnt also has simpler retro slot machines with straightforward yet crisp graphics.

Theme Diversity

Another hallmark of NetEnt slots is the developer’s ability to make games covering a wide variety of themes. These can touch upon areas like animals, history, fantasy, food, holidays, and Hollywood entertainment franchises, and even legendary rock bands.

Key NetEnt Features

Regular NetEnt casino players are likely to have notice the most commonly appearing features in the developer’s slots:

    • Cluster Pays: This is a trademarked feature where NetEnt awards winnings for clusters of symbols instead of across traditional paylines.
    • Avalanche: In this case, players can win by matching paylines, but the symbols will crumble away and be replaced automatically. As a result, it is possible for more winnings to be received for the same stake.
    • Stacked wilds: There can also be a shake-up with wild symbols, where they have the potential to land on stacked over the reels.
    • Win both ways: NetEnt has explored the path of making slots winnable both ways over the reels, with Starburst being the most obvious example to play.
  • Expanded interfaces: More and more often, NetEnt is now adding extra reels and rows to make more symbols available. Some slots can even be adjustable during gameplay, such as in When Pigs Fly.


Microgaming is one of the longest-running slot developers in the business after starting in 1994. There are now hundreds of Microgaming slots in existence, with a handful remaining popular many years later. In this regard, Thunderstruck 2 and Immortal Romance would be two excellent examples.

A-list Slot Releases

The developer has also shown an affinity for securing licences to entertainment properties. After starting small, Microgaming has eventually been able to create movie slots based on Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Terminator 2, and others.

Key Microgaming Features

Microgaming has not been quite so innovative as NetEnt, but the developer does have some successes in making certain slot features popular:

    • Ways of winning: 243 or 1,024 ways of winning are now very common in Microgaming slots and it has taken other developers years to adopt this approach. Players win from adjacently matching symbols rather than over paylines.
    • Multiplayer slots: Microgaming was one of the earliest developers to optimise slot games for tournament play. There are now many titles available to play in this format, including Terminator 2, Avalon 2, and Leagues of Fortune.
  • Bonus feature selection: Thunderstruck 2 and Game of Thrones are two Microgaming releases that enable players to select their own bonus feature. These are segmented by different weighting of free spins, wilds, and multipliers.

That’s Not All

New slots also seem to have a way of inspiring casino sites to do more with their bonus offers and promotional activities. These are some examples you might encounter:

    • Promoting new games: Online casinos want new slot releases to thrive, and one of the top strategies for achieving this is by awarding free spins or else enhanced deposit bonuses to those who play them.
    • Slot tourneys: Casinos can also highlight the qualities of their fresh slot releases by making them the focal point of the latest slot tournament or leaderboard challenge. Players will then have plenty of time to try to them out.
  • Bigger jackpots: There could even be a scenario where a new slot has a progressive jackpot that is automatically started off from a higher level to draw some extra attention to coincide with the game’s release.

Which Trends Are We Seeing in Online Slots?

There are many aspects of slots that remain consistent, but some developers are going to incredible lengths to innovate. These are some of the biggest current trends to look out for in 2018 and into the future:

    • Virtual reality slots: VR slots are slots are in their infancy, with developers still working on the first releases. VR headsets are not yet widely available in the world, so this is very much a niche market to monitor for the coming months.
    • Expanded reels: Five reels and three rows will be the video slot interface that you encounter most often. However, this is expanding in many new slots out there.
    • Slots with no reels: Some slots have done away with classic reels for breakable blocks or symbols. This new wave of slots will see the broken symbols replaced by new ones to give players the options of a streak of winnings.
    • Music slots: NetEnt has shaken up the marketplace by releasing music slots based on some iconic acts. Thus far, there have been top music slots like Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motörhead, while others have made Elvis and Michael Jackson.
    • Movie slots: Movies have long-served as inspiration for slot games, but the improving visual standards means that these now look better than ever.
  • Slot tournaments: Each casino adopts its own approach, from more laid-back weekly slot tournaments to fast-paced slot races with intense action.

New Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

New Casinos Online is always thinking of what the next big thing in gaming will be, which has led to us looking forward to 2018. Here’s what we expect to be happening in the upcoming year ahead.

New Features in New Slots

This could be adding in more reels, paylines, and bonus rounds. In new slot machines 2018, we may also see bonus features that stray away from the usual ones. Pick and click, spinning wheels, or multiplier bonuses are less common, as developers swap them out for mini games and unique bonus features.

Themes We’ll See More Often

New slots 2018 will also have their own trends in terms of themes. Fairytale and Asian games are gradually taking the emphasis away from the old classics, such as Egyptian and Irish slots. Another area to watch would be celebrity slots, as music slots have shown the affinity that many gamers have for famous stars.

Casinos Dedicated to Slots

Slot-game specific sites are also becoming a whole lot more popular, what with the sheer variety of titles that are now out there to install at casinos. You can see these sites all over the internet, with the likes of Jumpman and Nektan heavily gearing their sites towards providing hundreds of video slots compared to just a few table games.

Free Spins Replacing Deposit Bonuses

Free spins are always popular with players, as they love to get freebies. Now, it is likely that more of these shall emerge, as the changes to UK taxation will mean we see less traditional fund-based bonuses. Free spins offer an alternative promotional approach, so we shall see more casino sites opting to give these out instead.

Better Graphics

Graphically, slot games are getting a lot more intense. This does come with the caveat that they still have to load quickly, even if the graphics are super high tech, as players do not want to be waiting around for the game to load. This can include 3D elements and sophisticated reel structures, which make the game generally a lot more enjoyable.

Cross-platform Functionality

Now, it is getting more rare to find games that cannot be played on mobile, and developers are more to clearing up optimisation issues. Developers have widely caught on and ensured games are made available across all devices, offering the same experience on each. Meanwhile, HD games always look brilliant, as they can easily be scaled up or down.

New slots are much-needed for ensuring that developers keep innovating and raising standards. Here’s to hoping for many more great slots to hit the marketplace.