NetEnt’s Latest Offering: Network Branded Casinos

Live casinos have long been popular among many online casino players. However, NetEnt is taking this to a new level with their Network Branded Casino development. We’ve got all the details you need to know right here if you are new to the idea and want to discover more.

What does this mean for new online casinos?

This is great news for both players and casino operators. As far as casinos are concerned, NetEnt is now able to deliver three versions of the experience. This allows the casinos to have greater flexibility and control over the services they offer… no more cookie-cutter presentations.

What does it offer players?

These network branded casinos may be exciting for operators, but they’re great for players too. They are set to bring players a new array of advantages they never had before. Here are some of the features you can expect to encounter if you decide to sign up to one.

You’ll be able to interact with live dealers

Players who like using live online casinos often enjoy the experience because it bridges the gap between online casinos and their real-life counterparts. However, you cannot always interact with the dealers. NetEnt’s platform gives you the chance to do this, further blurring the lines between the best internet casinos and those in real-life locations.

You can sample some bespoke casinos

Do you ever feel as if all the casinos you visit seem, well… the same? Even if the themes are different, there are often similarities between them. Branded casinos are going to change that, giving you the chance to visit unique casinos instead.

A lot depends on which of the three available tiers of services the individual casino operator decides to go for. However, you can be certain some are going to want to be individual and unique – and NetEnt is giving them the chance to do just that.

You’ll get access to Perfect Blackjack

This new title from NetEnt is now live throughout the NetEnt live network. It gives players some real advantages, too:

  • The house edge has been reduced to just 0.5%
  • This means the RTP is a huge 99.5%
  • Players receive the perfect hand on every occasion
  • You can watch and learn as you play
  • The game is designed to help you learn your strategy for perfect play

Will you be sampling some of the casinos on this live network?

NetEnt has long been known for its ability to break new ground and provide superb player experiences throughout their range of casino games. We may not think of them as one of the most familiar providers of casino platforms, but that is going to change with their latest foray into live casino action.

The new Perfect Blackjack title alone is going to win over plenty of fans, but we think the creativity of the Network Branded Casinos offering is the biggest winner of all. Once you’ve tried it, we doubt you’ll want to go anywhere else – and we guess that is the point.