NetEnt Merges Live Games In World Cup

World Cup fever is already in full flow, with casino sites and game creators joining in on the hype. NetEnt have decided to really enhance the action for players on their games, as they combine live games and football into one for their fans. This latest innovation is sure to delight football fans as they experience a totally new gameplay mode.

What New Features can we Expect?

There are lots of new features on the way for players on these games, as they look to push the World Cup within their games. This will mean that players on their live roulette games can look forward to enjoying commentary and information during their play. This is a great new element for players, as they no longer have to be torn between watching the games and enjoying their casino time.

As we gear up to the 2018 World Cup we’ll be bound to see a lot of brands putting out football related promotions. This will be sure to drive the casino world crazy with all sorts of offers flying around. For this reason, it’s obvious that NetEnt are planning this promotion to stand out, offering their casino partners a real chance at offering something new.

The product will be released on the 14th of June to all NetEnt partner casinos with live games. The game will be called Live Sports Roulette and players can begin to look forward to this game in no time. They will be able to see scores and live casino updates, which will be commented upon by the dealers.

This is sure to give their usual casino experience a bit of a refresh and make things more exciting for their users. Their live casino games are already top calibre, with great features and enticing gameplay. This kind of innovative thinking will help to bring a new flair to their partner sites, as football fans go wild for their offerings.

This will offer an ongoing commentary for fans, featuring a range of facts and statistics to keep things exciting. It will also be available on mobile too, which is another winning feature for players.

To get players interested in taking part in this game, they also have an in game tournament too. Goal Smash Roulette will be available across all of their partner sites, with a grand cash prize pool. This competition will comprise of prize draws and daily giveaways, which will be certain to get players into their live lobby.

A Live, Immersive Experience

The Chief Product Officer at NetEnt, Henrik Fagerlund, has said that the aim of the game is to create an immersive experience, with both football and casino on offer. The daily prizes and additional promotions will also help to incentivise their players to actually take part in the new product on offer.

They’ve done their research and diligence on how exactly they will implement this new product. This should allow the product to roll out to all partner sites that opt to have it, which will allow players to enjoy them as soon as they are available.

Post World Cup, we may see this being used for other sporting tournaments and event. Once the technology is in place, this could be easily used for all manner of events. We could see Wimbledon, the Grand National and more being featured within this live game. This certainly presents an interesting opportunity for fans of both genres.

We’re eagerly awaiting this game, as we’re sure it will be massive for fans. With just a few weeks to wait, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.