Multiplayer Slots

Multiplayer brings another level to gaming. This can be the competitive drive to defeat your foes or else the rewarding feeling of coming together with friends to beat other competitors. Well, slots can now offer multiplayer options and there are plenty of benefits attached.

Best Casinos with Multiplayer Slots

The opportunity to play online multiplayer slots generally arises in special promotions, so they are not always available. However, you can often find multiplayer slots at these fun casino sites:

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Multiplayer Slots Explained

Multiplayer slots are those which give you what is normally a single-player game, but then add various other elements that emerge through connecting and competing with others. These are intended to provide extra enjoyment to the single-player experience.

Get Social with Slots

Community slots have the power to bring hundreds or even thousands of players together at a casino site or on a social platform. This gives you the chance to play slots and engage with your friends or else make new ones.

Competitive Prizes

A multiplayer slot machine has a much greater scale than single-player ones. Essentially, the coming together of many players allows for casino sites to provide even more cash and better prizes than normal. Progressive jackpots are a great example, with player wagers contributing to form a much larger prize fund.

Ways to Play Multiplayer Slots

There is no single, overarching format used to define multiplayer slots, as these are often designed to work in different ways. By and large, these are the most common ways to play multiplayer slots online:

  • Competitions: A format where the winning performers are determined by those who amass the highest sums of wagering.
  • Tourneys: This is a more qualitative form in that different achievements unlock points. As a result, there is a greater level of depth, with the best performers being those who earn the most points.
  • Teams: Finding team multiplayer slots is generally easier on free-to-play, social apps. When playing these slots, the aim is to complete actions and earn the highest-possible score for your team.
  • Promotions: The release of a brand new slot game can often encourage casino sites to devise a themed promotion. Look out for a new slot release being placed front and centre of a race to a specified wagering level or number of points.

Common Social Components

Multiplayer slot games will provide you with an introduction to social components that you have little or no experience with. Prepare yourself by reading through explanations for some of the most common social components that can appear in online slots:

  • Chat boxes: Open up chat boxes and you can converse with fellow players or teammates. You just might become cyber friends, or else get to spend more time having fun with existing friends.
  • Comment sections: These provide outlets for conversing on the progress of the latest competition, with players discussing the challenges they are facing or else boasting of how they intend to perform.
  • Leaderboard tables: Visit the leaderboard table whenever you want an update on the very latest progress. Some casino sites only update these daily, but the best will give you hourly progress.
  • Communal payouts: Leaderboard are often designed to reward the best finishers (i.e. those in the top ten might receive cash). However, they can also reward those who end up in the top 100.
  • Simultaneous play: There can be some social apps where you get to play in the very same slot as your friends. Simultaneous play can really help to bring you together.
  • Team selection: This can take the form of a digital lobby in which players race to be part of one team or another.
  • Group prizes: Team-based competitions can result in one side taking home the lion’s share of the loot. Prizes can then be dispersed in terms of individual performances, or even through equal division.

Cooperation vs. Competition in Slots

The design of multiplayer slots often comes down to single-player competitions versus cooperative experiences where players band together. Below are the key debates to both sides of this divide in multiplayer slots.

Winner Takes All

There are numerous competitions or tournaments in which players individually compete against each other. In fact, it is much more common to encounter multiplayer slots with the winner takes all mentality. Enjoying this form of competition is a must in multiplayer, as you are going to have many more options with this structure.

Winner takes all often inspires casino sites to devise huge tournaments or competitions in which they want to make major numbers of prizes available. The very best finishers are almost always guaranteed cash, but can also receive tech prizes. Finishing at the top will be tough, so you can instead try to finish in the lower spots and get bonus funds instead.

Community Slots

These slots are highly prevalent within social apps that are free to download. They are often connected with social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and can offer you a smooth way of connecting and gaming with your best friends. This is an act of convenience and one that can easily be found.

Some highly ambitious casino sites are willing to engineer team-based multiplayer slot tournaments. These give you the chance to chat with other players while playing great online slots and also having the chance to win prizes. You might just end up on the winning side and earn some perks in the process.

Have you ever gotten a little weary of the standard slot experience? Well, you should definitely try playing multiplayer slots online if you want some added excitement. There are even more prizes and the chance for social interaction.