Multi Platform Casinos

Online casino players are benefiting greatly from a trend that means they can play different games from multiple software developers at the very same site. There is no longer a need to keep switching sites just to try games from another developer.

Best Multi Platform Sites

Thrills Casino

– Join for a £200 welcome package and 50 free spins to discover just how diverse the game selection is. Thrills Casino has partnered with an astonishing eight different software providers to give players access to over 400 games.

Tivoli Casino

– Enter the code Bonus150 on a first deposit to get a 150% welcome bonus worth up to £200, with 50 free spins also included in the package. Tivoli Casino earns its multi platform status by working with developers NetEnt, Play’n GO, and Microgaming.

21 Prive

– Signing up for 21 Prive Casino will open up the chance to snag a 100% welcome bonus with an unlimited ceiling. Claiming the extra funds will give players the freedom to play the many great video slots from developers like Amaya and NetEnt.

What is a Multi Platform Casino?

Quite simply, a multi platform casino is a site that does not depend on a single developer for games. Going back a few years, it was standard practice for the largest casinos to only work with one developer. At that time, it was Playtech and Microgaming that dominated this strategy. Nowadays, Microgaming is doing a better job of working with different software providers.

So, online multi platform casinos are where you might be able to switch seamlessly from NetEnt to Microgaming slots without having to visit a completely new casino. Fundamentally, multi platform casino sites have to give players access to multiple software developers or they do not fit the definition.

The Benefits of Multi Platform Casinos

First and foremost, it must be pointed out that multi platform casinos do not have any real cons. Basically, it is never a bad thing to have a greater selection of games. Sites with only one developer can quickly become appealing. The reason is that most developers have quite a few weak games in their back catalogues.

Multi platform sites minimise the risk of players having to settle for mediocre games because they are picking from a stronger selection. Rather than having a dozen truly special slots, for example, they can have close to 50 if their site is powered by three different providers. This could never be a bad thing for players.

Competition Better for the Industry

A few years ago, there was less impetus for providers to make all of their games excellent. Now, though, it is extremely rare to see a weak slot game released by developers like Microgaming and NetEnt. This only serves to strengthen the overall standard because competition is good for the entire industry.

Going to a multi platform site could give you the freedom to play enormous slot releases like Game of Thrones or the Dark Knight before switching over to try other special slots such as Creature from the Black Lagoon and Hook’s Heroes.

Another point to make is that the casinos that invest in using multiple software providers are more likely to continually improve the overall experience for players. Looking out for multiple types of software can let players reach this conclusion before they even make a deposit, helping to streamline the process.

Finding a con for multi platform sites is an incredible stretch. In fact, perhaps the only possibility is if a casino chooses to work with bad software providers. Even then, players still have greater choice than if the site worked with a single bad provider.