Moirai Blaze Slot

On the lookout for a slot game that is different from your conventional multiline 5 reel one?  If so, then Moirai Blaze may be right up your street.  This popular slot game from Iron Dogs is one where the developers have been a little more creative and innovative.  Whilst it is still officially a slot game it is definitely not a standard one by any means – making it even more exciting and interesting for the players.

If you think of games that you may play on tour phone like Bejewelled, then this game is more similar to this concept.  If you read on further on this Moirai Blaze slot review, we will give you more details as to what the main attractive features are that are available.

Where to Play

To get you started enjoying this game, you can play it on the following sites:

Top Dog Slots – Make your mark on this site with a spin of their prize wheel, where you could win up to 500 spins!

Lucky Admiral – Enjoy spinning and winning with the welcome offer from this site, then get ready to experience their game library.

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The Moirai Blaze slot design feels extremely futuristic with what looks to be symbols similar to gems falling down from the top of the screen on this 7 by 7 square.  This includes some very interesting music played constantly in the background and zapping noises when you have had a win.


This video slot has been created by Iron Dog Studios.  When they have designed this slot they have thought outside of the box as to what they can do differently to engage players.  In this instance it has been by having the 7×7 box design. Moirai Blaze slot mobile compatibility is also active and something that the developers have taken into consideration.  They have ensured that nothing is compromised in terms of graphics and sounds when playing on a mobile and the standard is high and what you would expect from a credible company such as Iron Dogs Studio.  They are also responsible for creating other fantastic slots such as Blood Queen and Cherry Blast.

Reels and Symbols

Effectively there are no “reels” as such on this slot and there are seven lines.  When you press spin, the current populated 7 x 7 box will become empty and from the top of the screen a pile of “gems” will be poured downwards.  Depending on the colour combination of the symbols will determine your win. Each of the different gem colours have a different pay-out (this can be checked out in the pay table) and they also pay out more when you have a higher quantity of gems in a row.  The wins are not only in a straight line horizontally but also vertically. When you do win, there will be a burst and they will disappear. Any symbols then higher than these will move down to their position and this could itself create another win. This will continue and continue until there is finally no more winning combinations.


There are two features that can be really rewarding on this game:

  • Expanding wild – On bar reel 1 if you get the expanding reel symbol then it will take over all other symbols on that particular line and replace them with wild symbols.  Depending on what the other symbols are that are next to the wild, this could result in your earning quite a significant amount of cash.
  • Free Spins – Although this is not a conventional slot game, they have still managed to give the free spins feature that you would find on most modern slot games. If you manage to get the free spins activated then watch the lady (almost looks like a mermaid but is supposed to be something more futuristic) as she will randomly reward multipliers out when you win on this feature.  Once you are in the free spins feature, further free spins can also be rewarded.