Massive win on Pink Elephants Slot

Pink Elephant is a top slot game that has been sweeping the nation. In the game, we see all sorts of cool features and some amazing bonus rounds too! Now, one winner has managed to scoop up a record win on this dazzling slot.

A Win on the Super-Sized Slot

This game certainly looks a bit different and it can clearly deliver some big wins. The latest winner on this game has managed to snap up a whopping €62,083.72 – which amounts to around £54,453.03. Frankly, we can already think of a million ways that we would be happy to get spending that money!

The player’s alias is melucky – so if you know anyone that goes by that screen name you know who to be asking for cash this week. It’s safe to say that they definitely were lucky when it came to turning a single bet into all of that cash.

We don’t really know much about the player or the winning bet, but we can say we are a bit green with envy! We would be splashing out a load of cash on all sorts of different holidays and treats for ourselves if we had one.

About Pink Elephants

If you want to be the next person in it to win that online slots jackpot, then you can check out the game at Rizk Casino. They will give you a 100% bonus on what you pay in and free spins for you to play with too.

This is a flat top slot, rather than a progressive one, which makes that online slots winner all the more impressive! They would either have to be playing with a pretty large wager to meet that sum or have managed to stack up a lot of symbols on the one spin.

The slot itself comes from Thunderkick, who are putting out some of the most innovative new online slots of the moment. The game features four rows and six reels, so there is plenty of opportunity to create the combinations that will land you a jackpot. It’s possible to spend up to £100 per spin on this game, which could well have been what our lucky player was spinning with.

There are 4096 ways to win within this game, as you just need to match up symbols beside one another to be able to win. This means you’re not bound by paylines and therefore are a bit more likely to cash in on a win. String together bigger combinations of these symbols and you will see the jackpots rising in no time.

In terms of the high value symbols on the reels, you’ll see quite a lot of them when you open up the paytable. The elephant symbol that is the mascot for the game is the most valuable, which makes sense. There’s also a wild symbol on offer for players which will combine to make larger groups of symbols, again netting you bigger jackpots.

Finally, the game also has a great free spins feature, which could definitely end up snagging you that cash. During this round, you collect up orbs to fill a meter, which has the potential to keep you spinning and winning for a long time. In this case, it would be possible for players to win a sizeable amount from a small bet on this flat top slot.

We certainly hope that the lucky player has a great time spending their money, as they deserve to have some fun with it. We’ll be checking out this slot game again soon to have our own go at getting one of those big prizes.