Marvel Slots Casino Magic

Superhero movies had moments of popularity many years ago, but only became cinematic staples after the release of the first Iron Man film in 2008. In becoming part of mainstream culture, superhero movies and comic books have also inspired a wave of licensed video slots that can be found at leading online casinos.

Best Marvel Slots Casino


– Marvel Comics is currently the biggest name on the movie scene, and the same can be said among video slots. A great place to seek out superhero slots is 888casino, where new users can get playing after unlocking the free £88 to enjoy Marvel casino no deposit gaming. Users will also have the opportunity to get a 100% match bonus with their first deposit before playing on desktop or mobile. [read more]

What Makes Marvel so Magical?

Iron Man

– This was the first title to really launch the Marvel slots online casino concept. After being drawn in to the film by Robert Downey Jnr’s witty performance, players also enjoyed the stunning visuals and special features of the Iron Man slot. [read more]


– For comic book visuals, Spider-Man is the undisputed winner. Software developer Playtech has crafted a video slot that truly respects the comics. The inclusion of the Green Goblin and the special features make this Spider-Man slot even stronger. [read more]

The Incredible Hulk

– There are so many fans of the Hulk after the Avengers movies were released. Well, now these Hulk lovers can spend time with the big guy while also playing for the Marvel progressive jackpot. [read more]

The Avengers

– This is an extremely exciting video slot because it combines multiple heroes in Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, and more. The scale of this ambitious slot is evident from the Marvel Mystery Jackpot and bonus rounds.


– players have daily access to Amaya’s Superman slot, which is one of the strongest DC slots ever made. Superman is similar in style to the Spider-Man slot, but takes things further by including a bonus game and three progressive jackpots.

The Dark Knight

– Microgaming is the software developer behind this video slot based on the superb 2008 movie. The Dark Knight slot displays official imagery from the movie slot and also has a gigantic progressive jackpot that can rise to millions of pounds.

Who Created the Marvel Casino Games?

The Marvel slots Playtech partnership has been a true game-changer in the online casino industry. Without this dynamic duo, it is unlikely that the Dark Knight or Amaya’s various DC slots would have been as strong as they are. Competition also pushes these developers to create their strongest work, and Microgaming and Amaya both delivered outstanding superhero slots after seeing Playtech’s Marvel slots.

Playtech has been on a clear upward trajectory since first opening for business as a casino software developer in 1999. A quality-driven approach ensured that Playtech was at the forefront of innovation, which led to the developer launching mobile casinos and live dealer games before almost all of its competitors. That commitment to innovation was also evident in Playtech’s approach to game development.

There have been many times when Playtech secured licences to create video slots based on popular movies, such as King Kong and Gladiator. However, Playtech truly hit the big-time when it secured a multi-licence deal to create Marvel slots. For a few years, Playtech was able to create slots based on all movies made by Marvel Studios plus a number of comic properties, even if they were owned by other movie studios.

Marvel Entertainment was the corporate entity set up to help Marvel Comics’ various intellectual properties gain widespread popularity. In doing so, Marvel Entertainment came up with a cutting-edge concept where all movies produced by Marvel Studios would be linked to create a wider universe. This has resulted in many different superhero movies before the various heroes came together for the Avengers in 2012.

Moving forward, Marvel has only become more ambitious since being purchased by Walt Disney in 2009. Disney was forced to honour Marvel’s contract with Playtech, but the casino content has clearly dried up in recent years, with new movies lacking slot equivalents. Playtech will now move forward with DC Comics after striking a deal in February 2016.