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Table gamers can enjoy even greater levels of immersion by signing up for live casinos UK. Get a full run-through of everything you need to know about live gaming right here, right now.

Best Casinos with Live Dealers

Here at New Casinos Online, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry. Here are some of our personal favourite live casinos online:

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What Are Live dealer games?

As a definition, these are casino table games that are hosted by human dealers from a real-world environment, such as a TV studio or an actual casino. The entire experience is then broadcast digitally to an online casino, with players monitoring their progress on-screen and making their decisions as dictated by the dealer.

Regular Games and RNGs

The fundamental difference between live dealer games and regular casino games is that the latter are hosted by computerised dealers. What also plays a roll is that the cards and numbers shown in standard online casino games are determined by random number generators (RNGs).

Live Games Use Genuine Apparatus

Live dealer games are designed to have the genuine apparatus and equipment required. For instance, a roulette game will have a wheel that is actually spun, whereas blackjack is dependent on a shoe of real cards. This is another way in which live dealer games are set apart from their standard online counterparts.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Deciding to play live dealer games can be driven by comparing the advantages and disadvantages. There is nothing that should outright turn you off to live games, but there are some aspects that are not so desirable.


On a positive note, let’s get started by analysing some of the pros that are associated with playing live casino games:

  • Live casino apps: There are some great live casino app options available for download. These can deliver an even smoother and more stable experience when using a tablet or smartphone.
  • Diverse gaming options: Some software providers specialise in developing live casino games and get extremely creative with what they develop. This can result in some truly striking revitalisations of older table games.
  • Incredible immersion: Live table games give you the closest sense of being in a casino without having to actually be there. At times, you might even be sitting in the virtual room of a world-famous casino resort.
  • Added excitement: For some users, it is not very exciting to play older table games at a slow pace. In stark contrast, live games are much more exciting and can put users into contact with fellow players.


On the flip-side, there are come cons to live games. They should not drive you away, but you would rather know these in advance:

  • Bonus restrictions: It is overwhelmingly the case that casinos do not let you wager on live games with standard welcome bonuses. In most cases, you can only use exclusive live casino bonuses, and these are not always made available.
  • Gameplay speed: If you get distracted and lose concentration, then you are going to be left behind and miss out on decisions or the next hand. Sadly, there is nothing that can be done, as the live games run in real-time and cannot wait for you.
  • No demo mode: You can feel free to sit back and watch live games in action without playing, but you are not going to be given the luxury of playing in practice mode or something else equivalent to that.
  • Finding a seat: Some live tables have a limit to the number of players, so you might well struggle to find a seat during peak times of the day. However, you can always try something else and then check back later.

Is There a Different Strategy for Live Games?

The rules should be the same for live and non-live versions of the same table game. So long as you understand the rules of the correct version, then you are going to be ready to play. However, there are some additional aspects that can and will have an impact on how your strategy plays out:

  • The speed of play: In regular online blackjack, you can find yourself staring at the dealer’s up-card, mulling through calculations to try and get an edge. However, you will not have that time to slowly decide in live blackjack.
  • Placing bets in time: A roulette table is perfect for this next point, given the sheer volume of betting options displayed. In live roulette, you might struggle to adjust several betting options in the brief gap in between spins of the wheel.
  • Plan in advance: With live games, it is advisable to stick to a clear strategy you have laid down in advance. This ensure that you can evaluate in-game outcomes rather than focusing on how to adjust your bets, which would only eat up your time.
  • Don’t get distracted: Some players like to use the chat bar, but there is so little time at the end of each round that you could only end up getting distracted if you choose to interact too often. Chatting can be fun, but remember that you are there to win.
  • Your limits might increase: Live dealer tables are not going to be suitable if you want to place penny bets. As such, you might have to raise your budget to at least £1 or higher for each of the rounds – think about this impacts your overall bankroll.
  • Mind your surroundings: You can easily stop and take a break with standard table games, but a dip in your web connection or coming upon your bus stop could hinder your live performance. As such, it is better to plan live sessions when settled.

What Live Dealer Games Can I Play?

Roulette and blackjack were the earliest live casino games are available, but new variants emerged alongside options from other exciting categories. Games do vary across live casinos, but here are some of the more commonly available options out there.


Live roulette is widely presented and comes in an array of exciting casino variants, with each offering something to everyone:

  • European: The roulette wheel is numbered up to 36, with only one zero option for betting. Technically, there is a greater chance of success when playing European roulette rather than US. This is reason enough to enjoy live European roulette.
  • French: In the French version, you are going to be exposed to varied rules. For starters, le partage means that you receive back half your bet if the outcome is zero and you have placed an even-money bet.
  • US: Travelling across the Atlantic Ocean will introduce you to a roulette version where there is a zero and a double-zero. However, the extra slot in the wheel diminishes the odds of being able to win (US house edge: 5.22%; Euro: 2.70%).
  • VIP: These elite tables are reserved for players who feel comfortable wagering at the highest stakes. You should never try to play VIP roulette unless you can afford to lose at the stakes that are advertised for the table.
  • Auto-roulette: This is a live game played without a human dealer. In auto-roulette, the machine is capable of being operated on its own. As a result, it is possible to play live roulette 24 hours a day, free from a human work-schedule.
  • Double-ball: Watch the screen in awe while two balls dance around the wheel, giving you even greater chances of winning on that spin. You have seen nothing yet until you have witnessed double-ball roulette.
  • Speed roulette: This game is all about cutting down on those waiting times to ensure that even more spins can be performed by the dealer. Speed roulette is great if you have less time compared to your normal gaming session.


Live blackjack is playable in a standard version next to more modern variants that aim to shake up the concept of the game and keep it interesting:

  • Blackjack: The standard live blackjack game can usually seat up to seven players, with each given the clear task of outdoing the dealer in the quest to reach 21.
  • Bet behind: This extremely helpful feature allows for users to bet on the decisions being made by other players. As a result, the feature is described as betting behind, given that you are not at the fore of the decision-making process.
  • Perfect Pairs: Add a side-bet on the prospect of receiving two cards that are a perfect match, such as two aces. This is made possible because blackjack shoes can combine up to eight decks of cards, so there are many chances to make this work
  • 21 + 3: You can also place a side-debt on 21 + 3, which entails players trying to form effective poker hands by using their blackjack cards as part of the process.
  • VIP: You should also be able to find VIP blackjack tables at most live casino sites. Please be wary before sitting at such a table, as the stakes are so much higher than the entry-level tables you might be more familiar with.
  • Casual: Blackjack can be a popular live game to be played in a more social environment, with the dealers playing music and encouraging chat among the various participants at the table.


Next up is the game that has been popular among rich socialites for many years now. Today, however, you can enjoy live baccarat in a range of different ways:

  • Standard: Baccarat is a game where you only count the lowest number (e.g. 19 is scored as a 9). It is much more laid-back than blackjack, so it can be a great option if you also want to find time to chat with other players.
  • Speed: The rationale for playing speed baccarat is that you can complete a hand in the fraction of the time needed for the standard game. You are going to really appreciate this mode if you are short on time.
  • Side-bet pairs: You will have the option to back either you or the dealer receiving a pair in your first two cards. A handsome payout shall be your reward for getting this right, but losing can prove costly in a cold streak.


We are all familiar with poker being played among a table of human players. However, this time you can play against the dealer head-to-head in live casino poker games:

  • Three-card poker: A poker game where the action is condensed to just three cards. The dealer needs to get a queen or higher in order to play, while bonuses and side-bets can also be added to help provide fresh payout opportunities.
  • Casino hold’em: This is a different take on Texas hold’em in that you must beat the dealer. You have fewer decisions to make, but you can also elect to sit behind other players and bet on their decision-making instead of your own.
  • Texas hold’em: You can play alongside other users while trying to form a hand of five cards drawn from two hole-cards and five community cards. This can take slightly longer than casino hold’em while everyone wants to beat the dealer.
  • Caribbean stud: In this live poker game, you make a five-card hand while waiting to see the dealer’s last card. They need at least an ace and a king in order to qualify for the hand. There is also a progressive jackpot to ramp up your chance to win.

After that immersive introduction and run-through, you should now be ready to seek out your very own live casino thrills. Start at one of our favourite live online casinos to be guaranteed of a good time.