LadyLucks Announces a £10,000 Blackjack Tournament

LadyLucks’ upcoming Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament will demand the complete attention of all players come 14 November 2015. An eye-catching £10,000 has been guaranteed for the prize fund, which will undoubtedly draw plenty of entries.

At a glance, the entrants are certainly in for a treat, given that LadyLucks has arranged for the grand final to be hosted within the lavish confines of the luxurious Sunborn Yacht Hotel – that’s right, it’s a yacht and a hotel. You will likely be able to take in some spectacular views while playing for a share of the £10,000 prize fund:

First prize – £5,000
Second place – £2,500
Third place – £1,500
Fourth place – £1,000

Travelling to Gibraltar

Upon the conclusion of qualifying, four finalists will be given flights and transfers to bring them comfortably to the Suborn Yacht Hotel, where they will also have their drinking and dining expenses paid for. Adding further to trip will be ventures out to delicious restaurants and glamorous bars on a tour of Gibraltar.

Another great aspect of the promotion is that you can purchase an entry package to the tournament for £1,250. Alternatively, you can arrange for your own travel and accommodation if you wish to only pay the £250 buy-in for the tournament.

How to Qualify for the Tournament

Qualification for the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament will initiate on 2 October and run until 29 October, coming just a couple of days before Halloween. For those who qualify, there will only be a couple of weeks to wait until it’s time to make the journey to Gibraltar. Of course, you will have to make it through the qualification first.

To keep you completely aware of your progress, LadyLucks will host a leaderboard that will be updated regularly. Your challenge is to perform well and climb as high as possible. First, though, what you need to bear in mind is that you must focus your attention on competing within at least one of the following qualification weeks:

First week – 2-8 October
Second week – 9-15 October
Third week – 16-22 October
Fourth week – 23-29 October
New entrants are also invited to take part in the qualification. In addition to potentially reaching Gibraltar, you will also benefit from a £20 no deposit bonus. And when making a first deposit, you can even receive a £500 welcome bonus courtesy of the 100% match offer.

A Complete Mobile Gaming Experience

LadyLucks was initially established by an in-house software developer to focus on the mobile casino experience. And while the gaming experience is still firmly fixed on mobile, LadyLucks has since been acquired by international software heavyweight IGT in recognition of the casino’s success. This is worth nothing because LadyLucks now clearly has much more to offer, as evidenced by the upcoming Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament.

From its inception, LadyLucks specialised in providing table games and slots to smartphones and tablets. In the years since, though, expansion has enabled LadyLucks to also create bingo and poker games. However, this latest promotion is proof that LadyLucks will continue to ensure that players will have an engaging blackjack experience.