Is It Possible That Casino Games Are Rigged?

For anything to do with technology, it is understandable that some web users will have reservations about computer programs that they will never fully comprehend. And while it will not be possible for most users to fully understand the software behind an online casino, it is possible to grasp how they operate and whether they are fair or not. Random number generators (RNGs) are central to the process.

Understanding the Technology

Although there are just two outcomes, a coin toss qualifies as a random number generator. However, such an event is not sufficient to generate data to determine the outcomes of various casino games. As a result, casino operators have turned to skilled software developers to craft sophisticated algorithms for the determination of game outcomes.

Without going into finer details, game developers apply the rules and odds determining casino games to their algorithms. For instance, a game of Texas hold’em poker will have just four aces in a deck of 52 cards. Therefore, the basic odds of an ace appearing will be approximately 7.7%.

The algorithm governing the game of Texas hold’em will therefore have to depend on the number generator to apply basic odds of 7.7% to an ace being dealt to a player in their first two cards. Of course, then the odds change as the game progresses and the number generator will have to respond accordingly. RNGs are highly sophisticated programs that must be able to respond instantly to a myriad of factors.

Effective Practice

When developed correctly and operated with integrity, RNGs provide an odds experience that is close to what games like blackjack and roulette will deliver in land- based casinos. A player will understand that they have odds of one in 38 for hitting a single-number bet on a roulette wheel with two zeros.

To provide complete transparency for players and to ease any concerns, a number of online casinos will list their testing credentials at the bottom of the homepage. These can often be found alongside health warnings and the various payment methods accepted. You might have to do a little checking by clicking on logos, but you will be able to find the RNG tester for respected sites.

Spotlight on TST

TST Global is the independent testing company responsible for overseeing the fairness and accuracy of the RNGs determining the odds of Moobile Games. You can go to the bottom of the Moobile Games homepage to see a logo depicting “Independently Tested”. A click on the logo will lead you to TST, where you can find further information.

The company has been undertaking digital testing since 1993, after which TST grew to become a global player in the testing industry. Labs are populated by software experts with cutting-edge technology to evaluate online casino sites like Moobile Games, helping to fight against the issue of casino games rigged for underhanded gains.

When Games are Fixed

There are instances of casino games fixed for the monetary gain of the operators, but these cases are isolated to sites that are operating without licenses and are not part of the larger casino software networks. Casino websites powered by the likes of NetEnt, Playtech, Betsoft Gaming, and Microgaming are highly unlikely to carry any risk – not unless a vulnerable site has fallen victim to hackers.

In the event that you encounter a troubling case regarding odds, there is not much that can be done immediately. Rogue casinos will not respond favourably to your concerns and could even cancel your account. But what you can do is report the operator to your national lotteries or gaming commission. These bodies have the power to investigate rogue operators trading without licenses or scruples.

RNGs Intended for Fairness

Going back to the land-based casino examples above, these require RNGs to ensure that the online experience is as fair as those available in traditional casinos. And in the case of online slots, these will have a set number of spaces on each reel and an overall quantity of symbols. As a result, there will be clear odds to reflect how often symbols should be appearing on the various paylines.

In essence, there are clear numerical quantities to determine the value of odds in online casino games. There is no way that casino sites are designed to prevent players from winning. In fact, they are actually designed to use RNGs to ensure that players win as often as they are supposed to.

Remember to check the bottom of casino homepage to determine whether or not a site is being transparent in sharing the status of its RNG testing. It could be safer to avoid sites that don’t share that information. To conclude, there are rogue casinos on the web and this is a safe way of vetting any for which you hold doubts. can be counted on to deliver an honest assessment of hotly debated online gambling topics.