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In Depth: eSports

The term eSports is one that has gradually come to prominence over the past few years. Now, though, more people than ever are familiar with the fact that computer games now have their own version of professional sports.

What Are eSports?

Competitive gaming is the simplest definition for eSports, which are now major televised events in parts of the world such as North American and Asia. Meanwhile, fans from all over the world have the ability to watch eSports games play out online.

How Quickly Are eSports Growing?

By the end of 2017, a market research specialist called Newzoo forecast that eSports would have worldwide viewing numbers of 385 million fans. In terms of revenue, Newzoo estimated that the market value would reach $696 million [£520 million] in 2017.

In just three years, Newzoo believes more than 589 million shall be watching eSports tournaments in 2020. That will also be the point at which the market is worth $1.48 billion [£1.11 billion], according to Newzoo.

Where Are eSports Popular?

Prize money is a strong indicator of the national popularity of eSports. On that basis, China leads the way after seeing players earn tens of millions. Not far behind is the US, while South Korea is another major destination for eSports.

The US, China, and South Korea are the current major destinations for eSports popularity. But the support of those countries and rise in web viewers could see eSports finally gain some traction in Europe, with Sweden producing a number of successful players.

Are They Really a Sport?

In this debate, the term eSports does add significant protection, given how the movement does not directly refer to itself as a sport. They merely add the “e” to demonstrate how eSports are an evolution of traditional sports.

And that evolution has certainly come to the fore, with ESPN now airing games and displaying eSports sore. Meanwhile, the network also has dedicated eSports casters to provide commentary and analysis.

eSports competitors certainly represent the next step in the evolution of sports, especially considering how they need to be the best in the world and secure sponsorships in regard to electronic equipment and sometimes trainers.

How Do Players Compete?

Human players can compete in a huge selection of eSports, and these can take a number of basic formats, in terms of how they compete:

Main Game Types in eSports

eSports can be categorised into a selection of computer game types that are suitable for competition. There are ones that are more popular than others, but each of the upcoming categories does have a significant audience:

The Rewards of eSports Success

In computer games, players have always enjoyed bragging to their friends whenever they beat them, but now the rewards are much greater for success:

The Components of Top eSports Games

A single-player story experience will never make for a popular eSports game, as it entirely lacks a competitive element others. When it comes to eSports successes, the games need some of the following components:

How to Watch eSports

eSports are broadcast on a daily basis online, but you have to know where to watch. Plenty of eSports tournaments are broadcast online, while platforms can also show past footage.


YouTube Gaming has been established a dedicated broadcasting platform that is drawing in new streamers and often being used to show tournaments. In addition, YouTube is great for watching huge tournaments from previous competitions.


Twitch is a live streaming platform that focuses on the broadcasting of video games and eSports tournaments. After launching in 2011, Twitch is now owned by Amazon and has even greater resources. This has only strengthened a service that allows users to subscribe to their favourite streamers and interact with them through public text chat.

Becoming an eSports Fan

eSports tournaments are eye-catching events that even casual gamers might take an interest in, based on the sheer volume of action. Initially, however, it can be slow to get to grips with what is going on, but there are some steps to take:

How to Try Competitive Gaming

Competitive gaming is a tough field to enter, but there are plenty of opportunities out there on a daily basis:

Popular eSports Games to Try

A handful of eSports have grown to colossal levels and could be worth trying:

eSports just seem to get more popular all the time, and now they are strong represented by online betting sites. This could benefit fans who know a lot about their favourite eSports.

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