Hugo Slot Game

Play N Go gives us a slot title for those who may love this popular cartoon hero from the early 90s video game era. Sometimes spin-off games can be very fun, since they build upon the affection people have for the older games that they remember. In the case of Hugo Slots we happen to notice that its gameplay gives a particularly old school impression, but before we take a closer look let’s go over a good place to try it.

Best Place to Play Hugo

Hugo’s Rules

Hugo the Troll was created in Denmark and went on to be quite a start in many types of popular media, including games. We find his online slot on the basic side, having only 10 paylines, just 3 rows of symbols and very simple gameplay. For that reason, this slot is a great choice for players just learning how to handle online slots.

Hugo’s RTP (return to player percentage) is not particularly high at around 96.5%. The games does have free spin wins, but the jackpot is static (2000X) not progressive. You can bet anywhere from a pence to £100.00 per spin. Hint: you’ll need to bet the maximum to bag the biggest jackpot.

Bonuses & Extras

There are two bonus-game features: free spins when you get 3 Skylla symbols, and the Hugo bonus when you land 3 treasure chest bonus symbols. The Hugo bonus round is a matching side game down in the gold mines. The game’s wild symbol (Hugo), a scatter (Skylla the witch) join these big value symbols:

  • Mining tools
  • Bag of gold
  • Sticks of explosives
  • Pick axe

Game Design

Although this game is very basic (too simple for experienced slot players, we would say), Play N Go has attempted to expand the way it plays. One example is how the Hugo character races up to the foreground, much larger than the reels, where he taps on the invisible boundary of the screen! This small touch makes the slot feel more interactive, and expresses Hugo’s personality.

Visual design of its game screen is cartoonish and green and wooden looking. The reels are not particularly active as they spin. There is no fast swish, nor a recoil as they stop, or any particular effects affecting the 5 reels. They just sort of halt more or less together. We think this aspect of the game could stand to be a bit more interesting, actually.


The Hugo Experience

All in all, as we said, we think this is a great game for newbies, or, for people who just adore the Hugo franchise. If you happen to love Hugo and you know your way around online slots, you may find its controls and gameplay rather plain — but on the other hand, you may be able to rock it for a big payout!

Hugo fans, don’t let our mellow Hugo Slot review discourage you! Play N Go has done a nice job with the graphics and gentle soundtrack for this one, and it’s worth your spin.