Online Casino Scams Are Avoidable – Here’s How

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Choosing a safe new online casino does not have to be a game of chance in and of itself. There are ways to know which casinos are trustworthy. That is the topic for today.

If you were curious about various kinds of safety issues involved with playing online, because you want to avoid online casino scams, then read on! We have some bombproof suggestions for you to keep things as simple and as safe as possible.

Randomness Is Desired

The single detail that keeps online casinos fair and square, turning out natural game results without any influence or control upon outcomes (such as in online slot spins) is randomness.

Have you ever heard of a ‘random number generator’ or RNG? This is the computer programming that is designed to mimic real chance events during casino games. Unless you have the knowledge and take the time to audit the RNG in use by the casinos where you play, there is an element of trust involved here.

If it is a matter of trust, then side-stepping most online casino gambling scams is actually quite simple. Do not play at off-brand casinos. Stick to the big brands, since they are audited independently and serve millions of other players already.

Here is a short-list of popular game suppliers with great track records for the fairness of their RGNs — in most cases with approval by major auditors like CDS .

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • IGT
  • Probability plc
  • Net|Ent
  • Barcrest
  • Dragonfish

Your Personal Details

Next, when it comes to online safety, you should ask yourself, ‘safety of what?’ Let’s go back to the basics here. What are you protecting online exactly?

You are not online physically, nor is any of your personal property, although you may have ‘intellectual capital’ involved (all of your blog posts, for example). There is another form of content you do own online — everybody does — and it’s one’s identity profiles.

Those profiles, stored on databases run by services that we use online, may contain as many personal details, or financial accounts, as we have uploaded ourselves. Every time you register for something or become a member of a casino, the received wisdom is to give as few details as possible.

It is best, in fact, to remain anonymous. Remember that all the data you volunteer may be stored on remote servers (located who knows where, probably abroad), and it could be kept there indefinitely. That is a sobering fact, people. Limit how much of this kind of trace you leave behind.

The very best way to reduce the vulnerability of your online presence is to give a minimum of details whenever you register or top up your casino account. Know how to do that? Never use a credit card.

Instead, use an anonymous cash voucher, like Paysafecard, or get yourself an e-wallet account through PayPal, Neteller or Eco. When you pay using these methods, it is like handing over cash.

Show Us the Money

Maybe the main issue, when all is said and done regarding the fairness of the software that delivers your casino entertainment and your online personal data, is whether or not you get paid for a win.

The online casino scams UK players or US players have seen are usually much more serious than a small incremental skimming from millions of players. If you were a member of PokerStars, or Full Tilt Poker in the early days, you have have had to wait for years to have your held up winnings or cash in an account released. No one is safe, if the CEO of a site can embezzle easily.

Again, the best safeguard is to resist the urge to play all the time at celebrity-driven casinos, or, places with too much complicated promotional stuff going on. We favour casinos with easy to understand deals (like a flat 100% match on all deposits — which is how Vera John goes about things, incidentally).

Another somewhat subtle detail you should understand, in closing, is probably the most common way to feel scammed if you are not careful. That detail is called wagering requirements. If you don’t know what that is, then you have never had a win as a new player and then been told by the casino that you must first wager up to 50x your welcome bonus before winnings are released.

If you are smart, you would want to focus on reputable casinos that do not force wagering requirements upon you (which is a rare grace, such as what you find at mFortune). And use an alternative to credit and debit cards, for goodness sake!

By the way, we only review 100% safe new online casinos; other ones just don’t make the cut. So if you’re searching for an exciting new site, take a look at our list here:

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