How Roulette Focuses on Betting

It may be helpful to think of the range of games inside a casino in two basic categories: one, games that involve the skill of doing something that wins, and two, games that involve betting on something that wins.

For example, take a slot machine: it may seem that pushing the Spin button is what leads to hitting a jackpot, however, the truth is that setting a bet before spinning is the real reason a player wins. Roulette, although with the opposite image as a game, is a similar betting game.

Portrait of Betting Games

First, we should set up a contrast for betting games: poker, blackjack, other card games, all involve doing something like forming a winning hand. These are games of skill, which also include the so-called people skills when it comes to reading other poker players or the dealer in blackjack, as well as making bets.

Forming a Hand vs Making a Bet

With Roulette, Baccarat, slots, and Keno their focus is instead upon the betting itself. Otherwise, a player’s role is relatively passive (watching the ball round the wheel, watching the dealer play out the hands, triggering the spinning reels, waiting for Keno balls to fall in the cage).

There is a small effort when selecting the numbers upon which to bet with these games, but that essentially is part of the wagering process. Generally, in a game like Roulette, the player does not need to apply continuous concentration as with the stages of a card game; there is more time to watch the action and even socialise.

Who Likes to Bet?

Are you a player who is most interested in the wagering aspect of casino games? Are you a keen observer of human nature (your own thrills, as well as the reactions of other players)? Do you enjoy talking to friends, players, the spinner or even the onlookers while playing a game?

Answering yes to any of those questions probably means you would love Roulette. The only thing you should do, therefore, is to learn its betting techniques, rules and strategies. Online Roulette games are a super way to learn as you play.

Skill, Risk and Chance

You could say that every game in a casino, online or land-based, has a unique blend of skill, risk and chance, which is why people are attracted to certain games.

The broader question of why we humans love to flirt with chance and even risk our money doing so is a good topic for conversation — like, while you play live online Roulette! But the main thing is deciding how much skill (and studying of games) you feel like pursuing.

Why Roulette Bets Are Fun

Many people who play games of chance are fascinated with the subtler experience of their own luckiness. Roulette offers a very interesting platform to test concepts of not only luck, but probability, repetition of events. Its myriad types of bets provide experiments, if you will, upon chance events. Bets fall into two types:

  1. Inside Bets: these 8 bets are specific, starting with a bet on one numbered slot or Straight, or groups of 2, 3, or 6 slots. Inside bets pay the most in Roulette. They are the most dramatic, the gutsiest and for confident moods.
  2. Outside Bets: these 6 bets are ranges of numbers or colours, such as Even or Odd and Red or Black. The Snake Bet is the most creative, since it has a zig-zagged pattern of numbers on the betting board. These best pay less, but win a lot more.

Experience Your Luck at Roulette

While historically European Roulette has been somewhat of a high society game, not accessible to low stakes players or even the general public (locked away in VIP rooms of casinos), the online version is available to any interested player. American style Roulette was not as exclusive, and it has simpler betting rules.

If you have every felt intimidated from trying this classic game, the good news is that you can experience it without risking big wagers by playing online! And once you have the hang of it, try live online games for an extra thrill.