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Horse Race Betting

This is intended to be a comprehensive horse racing betting how to that will guide you through all of the basics needed to get started. Now, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Where to Place Horse Racing Bets

Leo Vegas

Double your winnings when betting on horse races through LeoVegas!

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Bet365 Casino

Bet365 provides daily betting options for horse racing meets taking place across the UK and Ireland. New bet365 players can use their mobile device and claim up to £100 in Bet Credits.

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How to Bet Online on Horse Racing

For the most part, horse racing sites are easy to comprehend and place bets on. In most cases, the following steps will see you smoothly through the process:

Types of Horse Racing Bets

The beauty of horse racing is that there are many different ways of betting, and these are the most important to know about…


This is the straight-forward act of picking a horse to win the race outright. There are no complications and you will receive higher odds compared to backing a runner to place.


Depending on the race and the number of runners, a sportsbook will provide odds on a horse finishing in the top one or two places. This type of bet is often combined with a winner to create an each-way bet.


This is an extension of the place bet, where some betting sites and institutions will let you bet on a horse finishing first, second, or third. Quite simply, any outcome will result in a pay-out.

Across the Board

Essentially, this is a coverage bet where you might place £2 across the board on win, place, and show. In total, this amounts to a £6 bet.


Avid horse racing fans might want to take a little extra risk for an even higher reward. Basically, an exacta is where you try to select the first- and second-placed finishers.


Comparatively, the quinella is slightly less risky than the exacta in that you pick the top two finishers in any order. However, the winning odds will be lower than for the exacta.


The trifecta ramps up the difficulty of the exacta by demanding that you select the top three finishers in the precise order. These bets are tough to bring in, but are potentially supremely profitable.


As if the trifecta was not difficult enough, the superfecta extends the challenge to the top four finishers. Please be aware, however, that these types of bets are geared towards seasoned fans with an extreme depth of knowledge.

How to Pick a Winning Horse

At this point, it must be said that there is no exact science or strategy for picking a winning horse in every race. The fact of the matter is that you will encounter losses, but these horse racing betting tips could help you to win more often:

Final Horse Racing Betting Tips for Beginners

Before it is time to cross the finish line, New Casinos Online will share some final betting tips to help any beginners out there:

New Casinos Online is always here to assist you across all manner of gambling topics, so be sure to check out some of our other in-depth guides.

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