High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses can be found at nearly every online casino. They act as an incentive for players to stay loyal by offering rewards that are determined by wagering.

Best High Roller Casinos

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There are obvious benefits of online casino high roller bonuses. Notably, players can claim a whole host of rewards as they move further up the loyalty ladder, such as enhanced high roller bonuses, exclusive entry to VIP competitions, and expedited withdrawal of winnings.

What is a High Roller?

A high roller is the type of player who will deposit £500 or even surpass £1,000 when making deposits. At a high roller casino, this can trigger smaller percentage bonuses that actually pay out more funds than the standard welcome offer. In this type of structure, players can be termed under the following names:

  • Premium/VIP player: These are the players who deposit hundreds with a casino over the course of a year, but don’t reach the highest echelons.
  • Big fish: A big fish deposits and plays with more than premium players.
  • Whale: This term is used to categorise the players who deposit and wager the absolute highest amounts of funds with a casino site.

How Do I Become a High Roller?

Becoming a high roller commitment requires a level of commitment and consistency that goes far beyond the gaming patterns of casual players. For instance, some high roller bonuses will not be triggered until reach sums of £1,000 or greater. These are the main factors used in determining high-rolling players:

  • Size of deposits: The value of deposits that are made.
  • Frequency of deposits: The rate at which deposits are processed.
  • Monthly thresholds: Some high roller schemes can require that you meet monthly wagering values to maintain your present status or else risk losing perks.

How Do High Roller Bonuses Vary from a Standard Bonus?

A typical high roller bonus could see you deposit £1,000 in exchange for a 50% bonus that would allow you to claim up to £500 extra. So, you would deposit £1,000 and play with £500.

At the same casino, let’s say that a casual player deposits £100 for a 100% bonus that is matched up to £100. The casual player will deposit £100 and play with £200. However, the standard welcome offer would likely be capped at £100, with only larger deposits being eligible for the high roller offer.

What Are the Types of High Roller Bonuses?

Bonus funds can be defined in two major ways, with online casinos broadly making them either sticky or cashable:

  • Sticky: A sticky bonus usually has lower wagering requirements, but these are balanced out by the removal of the bonus when winnings are claimed.
  • Cashable: A cashable bonus will have the potential to clear and remove the funds as winnings, but the wagering requirements are going to be larger.

What Benefits Are There for Loyal Players?

The benefits of becoming a loyal player and earning VIP status are generally quite similar between casinos, although some do offer additional rewards. On the whole, though, you can expect to enjoy most of these loyalty benefits:

  • Claim an improved reload bonus for every deposit made.
  • Receive invitations to exclusive competitions and promotions.
  • A dedicated VIP account manager, available to answer any of your queries.
  • Receive special gifts, such as birthday presents.
  • Higher withdrawal limits, allowing you to take out more cash at once.
  • Enjoy faster deposits and withdrawals.
  • Access to personalised customer service.

Which High Roller Games Can I Play?

Casino sites make a concerted effort to provide games that appeal to players with different budgets and wagering habits. For this reason, there are high roller casino games designed for players who want to stake more than the average punter:

  • High roller slots: These are slots where you might have to stake at least £0.50 per line just to get involved, with the total betting going into the £100s.
  • High roller roulette: Premium or VIP are the names sometimes used in defining high roller roulette, where the betting can rise into the £1,000s.
  • High roller baccarat: This is quite a casual table game, but higher stakes can raise the intensity levels.
  • High roller blackjack: A VIP bettor will not be content with staking £1 on each, with specialist tables available for anyone wanting to bet £1,000s.

Are There Live High Roller Casino Tables?

This is a matter that depends on whether a casino has live dealer tables in the first place. Even then, the casino site might elect to only dedicate a small amount of tables to high-rolling players. In the pursuit of live high roller tables, here are some factors to consider:

  • Available games: Blackjack is the most commonly represented game when it comes to betting at higher levels. There might only be one live roulette table in this category, whereas blackjack could have many more options available.
  • Wagering levels: A live casino might offer a table where the betting ranges from a £25 minimum up to a £2,500 maximum. The casino will see this as a high roller table, whereas some players might not.

What Are the Key Terms & Conditions

In using high roller bonus funds, there are terms and conditions that will have an impact on the experience:

  • Wagering requirements: Check the wagering requirements, as you might be required to clear a higher level than with the standard bonus offer.
  • Eligible games: Table games carry much greater requirements compared to slot games, which are much more effective for clearing the promotional funds.
  • Withdrawal stipulations: Make sure that you have enough to cover the minimum withdrawal and also share any personal identity documentation that is being demanded from the casino.

Being a high roller is a serious commitment, with most casinos requiring that you maintain your status. Always make sure to bet responsibly and never stake more than you can afford to lose when claiming these elite bonuses.