Is it Possible to Hack Casino Software?

If you Google the term “Is it Possible to Hack Casino Software?”, or something like that, then you are likely to find YouTube videos claiming to be live hacks of slot machines, or, interviews with famous hackers who have targeted casinos.

The YouTube videos can make for entertaining viewing, but New Casinos Online would advise thinking twice, as cyber criminals are a major threat. This entire guide has been written to help you practice better online casino safety.

Two Types of Cyber Threats

The first danger is one directly aimed at you, while the other is when the casino where you are playing is targeted, taking you down along with it. When it comes to staying clear of criminals who can pick off easy prey, the best thing to do is, first, obviously do not play at spurious casinos, and second, use a payment/withdrawal method that shields you.

Personal Targeting

In this category, the risk would be for a cyber criminal to obtain the login details to your casino account or payment, while your personal details could also be at risk. These are some scenarios to be wary of:

    • False emails and messages: Fraudsters are heavily active when it comes to sending out emails and text messages. As such, it is always in your best interest to determine the legitimacy of every communication received. Check with the casino if needed.
  • Your device getting hacked: Desktop and mobile devices can be subjected to getting hacked or compromised by malware. As a consequence, your login details could be obtained and used against you personally.

TIPS: Install protective software, such as a firewall, to your device and always ensure it is updated. Check the sender of every message and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

Casino Targeting

A second scenario is wider spread and will see the entire casino site being the target of a hacker or group of hackers. Ultimately, you can also be impacted when the site becomes a victim:

    • Fraudulent messaging: If a casino gets hacked, then the hackers can send out messages directly from the site. This is so difficult to deal with because the messages appear legitimate.
  • Obtaining player details: A greater would occur if a hacker breaks through the secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption used by a casino site. That is because the hacker might be able to obtain players’ financial information.

TIPS: Choose your online casino wisely and always pay attention to advice from sites like this one, so you are less exposed. Remember to phone the casino if you are every doubtful of a direct message received.

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What if My Casino is Robbed?

Of course, casinos will have encrypted SSL connections during transactions and so forth. The front-end of actual games may not be the most vulnerable spot for cyber criminals to target. An online casino software attack is likely to be through a back door channel.

Check for SSL

Your responsibility is to check that the casino uses SSL before signing up. Do this by looking to see the letters “https” in the casino’s web address. On mobile devices, it is more common to see a green lock in the display to show that the casino is secure.

Casinos can also display their security information on the base of their homepage. This can be revealing in regard to which security specialists are assisting the operation. For example, you might not notice that Norton or McAfee are involved.

TIPS: Always take the time to check for SSL and other security credentials – make no exceptions when undertaking this process.

Internal Threats

Every online casino that is truly concerned about its safety is also going to concentrate on internal threats. Internal threats are also dangerous, but what are they? As an example, it could be a dishonest casino employee from the IT staff. Or, the cyber criminal cracks into the casino’s gaming software and impersonates real players using stolen chips, and so on.

You can imagine all the mischief a crook can do inside a casino until detected. Ultimately, if your casino were to be hijacked, then you could be affected. From identity theft to the stealing of funds, there is a broad spectrum of ways that cyber criminals can harm players.

TIPS: Do not be afraid to raise any concerns with the support team, or even your bank if the issue has impacted your account or credit card.

The Brighter Side

A legit online casino can do a lot to protect its systems and players, since it is obviously in their best interests. Just as land-based casinos have vaults and employ armed guards, online casinos also use hardcore protections. These include secure servers (locked, fire-proof rooms), strong encryption is in place, and the routine backing up of all sensitive data.

Much of this security is demanded by casinos’ gaming licences (for example, Malta is supposed to be tough). If you have not registered personal details and instead used an eWallet like PayPal or others (Neteller, Skrill, Eco), then you can rest assured that the hit on you can be limited if the casino is targeted.

TIPS: Have one banking service or eWallet dedicated to your casino entertainment. Ideally, this could be a credit card with a strict credit limit connected to your eWallet. The last thing you want is for your PayPal account to be capable of paying out thousands.

Malicious Players

If certain hackers claim to fool online casino systems occasionally or cheat online casino software, then really that will hurt the casino, but not you directly. Maybe there are online casino-cracking software kits available to would-be hackers.

You know, any source for these sorts of things are probably the actual crooks selling a story to petty criminals. The real cyber criminals are aiming higher. Basically, to stay safe, keep your own data masked by an eWallet and choose your casinos wisely.

How Can I Tell if an Online Casino is Safe?

The best way for you to answer this question is to figure out if there are any reasons why you should not trust a prospective casino site that you are considering joining. Right here, we will discuss a range of methods that can be used for checking the safety of an online casino. And the best part is that you do not even have to be an expert.

Verify the Casino Licence

The golden rule is to never play at a casino site that does not have a legitimate remote gambling licence. To find this type of information, you have to go to the bottom of a casino’s homepage or else read through the security information.

In either instance, you should look for logos and names to explain which licence is in place. The world is filled with licencing authorities, but the most respected would be the likes of the UK Gambling Commission (Great Britain only), Malta Gaming Authority, and Gibraltar Gambling Control Commissioner, alongside the Isle of Man and Curacao.

TIPS: Look for the names of key licensing jurisdictions to identify which is relevant.

Look for a Random Number Generator

Whether on the homepage or in the security section, a casino site can use either to explain that the games are fairly operated by a random number generator (RNG). Proving the trustworthiness of a RNG is a critical part of the licensing process by a legitimate gambling body.

In an idle scenario, you will be able to see that the casino has asked for an independent organisation to test the fairness of the RNG in place. Various organisations specialise in delivering this service, but eCOGRA is one of the best-know to watch out for as a mark of quality.

TIPS: Look for mention of a random number generator by exploring the security page or perhaps find details of the casino’s independent testing auditor.

Check for SSL Encryption

As explained previously, SSL is an elite form of encryption that is used as standard among online casinos. To summarise, this encryption is what is going to make the difference between your data being accessible and secure. So, as long as you are behind an SSL barrier, you are unlikely to be impacted.

Once you reach a casino site, you can check for SSL by looking for the green lock icon. At the same time, the more advanced type of check is to see if “https” appears in the site address – those letters appear as standard in SSL-protected web site addresses.

TIPS: Stick with the more advanced type of SSL check, so as to avoid being caught out by a rogue casino site using a false lock image to fool you.

Read Plenty of Reviews

New Casinos Online is a rich source of reviews on iGaming brands and operators. When you read our reviews, you will have a concise picture of the experience offered by a casino site. In addition to knowing which licence the casino is using, you will also find out how secure the payment platform is.

A review is a quick and effective way of gaining an image of a casino without having to take on the risk yourself. If the reviewer has played there and doubts the credentials, then it is simply not worth it to try the casino. As you can see, this would be much more favourable than depositing and losing some of your own money.

TIPS: Start reading our reviews now as a means of getting a feel for what veteran online casino players look for in a safe site.

Advice for Staying Safe at Online Casinos

As a final step of assistance, New Casino Online is now going to share a list of tips for helping you to stay safe with your gaming site:

  1.   Check before you share information: A casino has to verify your identity, so personal information will definitely be needed. A licence and SSL encryption is enough to trust that a casino can hold your information.
  2.   Pick a secure payment strategy: eVouchers and eWallets can let you keep your credit/debit cards at an arm’s length. Either can enable you to make deposits without having to enter your financial digits.
  3.   eWallet/payment logins: Only enter your login or credit card password if you are confident that the page appears legitimate. eWallets and major credit card providers use familiar security portal windows that do not change their appearance often.
  4.   Verify the sender: This must be done for any messages that demands a response or asks for you to click on a link. All it takes is a moment of careless and you can soon be at risk. Look at the email sender or the phone number contacting you.
  5.   Be wary of apps: The App Store and Google Play both subject developers to stringent standards and checks. Avoid downloading any apps that are provided directly through a casino site, as they are not subject to the same standards.
  6.   Make your device secure: Firewalls and anti-virus software now come as standard on most new computers, but not on mobile. Do not overlook the security on any device that you use for playing online casino games.
  7.   Use a trusted web browser: There is a reason why most of the world uses recognisable browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It is because they are more worthy of trust and offer basic protections against popups.
  8.   Do not fall for popups: A hacked casino site can be riddled with popups promising casino offers that are too good to be true. All of this information should be found in the promotional section, so be wary of following any click bait that appears.

Always remember that you can come back if you need to revisit any safety advice that we have shared here. We also have plenty more helpful casino information to share with you…

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