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Is it Possible to Hack Casino Software?

If you Google ‘hacking online casinos’ or something like that, you are likely to find YouTube videos claiming to be live hacks of slot machines, or, interviews with famous hackers who have targeted casinos.

The truth is, somebody will have tried to crack into anything, including casinos, and probably most likely casinos. But the way in which cybercriminals do it and what they’re interested in doing may surprise you.

Two Types of Cyber-Threats

The first danger is one directly aimed at you. The other is when the casino where you are playing is targeting, taking you down along with it. When it comes to staying clear of criminals who can pick off easy prey, the best thing to do is, first, obviously don’t play at spurious casinos, and second, use a payment/withdrawal method that shields your real identity.

Next, you basically want to keep your registration data off any server (that’s the computer putting out the games and storing your account) that may be unsafe or get targeted by real criminals. See, cybercriminals want the big bucks, too. They can do a variety of things to the casino where you’re playing, rather than to you individually. One threat, yes, is steal all the customer information, in which case your banking information is compromised and whatever else you have shared.

TIP: Choose your online casino wisely, heeding advice from sites like this one, so you are less exposed. Read about a safe payment gateway method here

What if My Casino Is Robbed?

Of course, casinos will have encrypted SSL connections during transactions, and so forth. The front end of actual games may not be the most vulnerable spot for cyber-criminals to target. An online casino software hack attack is likely to be through a back door, if you will. The truth is, if a casino is satisfied with external guards against attackers and that’s all, you should be worried.

Every online casino truly concerned about its safety is also going to concentrate on internal threats. Internal threats are probably more dangerous. What are they? It could be dishonest casino employees, perhaps IT staff. Or, the cyber-criminal cracks into the casino’s gaming software and impersonates real players using stolen chips, and so on. You can imagine all the mischief a crook can do inside a casino until detected! If your casino were to be hi-jacked then you would suffer somehow, granted. It is probably going to be a lengthy wait, for instance, before you can reclaim your chips (if your balance information was not destroyed or stolen).

The Brighter Side

Casinos do a lot to protect their systems, and you, since it is in their best interests. Just as land-based casinos have bank-like vaults and employ armed guards, online casinos are using hardcore protections. Those include secure servers (locked, fire-proof rooms). Strong encryption is in place and regular back-ups of all secure data like your personal details are performed.

Much of this security is demanded by the casinos’ gaming licenses; for example Malta is supposed to be tough. If you have not registered personal details and instead used an e-wallet like PayPal or others (Neteller, Skrill, Eco) then you can rest assured that the hit on you won’t be severe if the casino is hit.

TIP: Have one banking service or e-wallet dedicated to your casino entertainment, separate from your main accounts. Keep that account dry except for intentional transfers.

Malicious Players

If certain crackers claim to fool online casino systems occasionally or cheat online casino software then really that will hurt the casino as a loss, but not you directly. Maybe there are online casino crack software kits available to would-be hackers. You know, any source for these sorts of things are probably the actual crooks selling a story to petty criminals. The real cyber-criminals are aiming higher. Basically, to stay safe, keep your own data masked by an e-wallet, and, choose your casinos wisely, friends! See our review of the Top 5 No Deposit casinos, click here

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