Gamification Casinos


In order to stand out from the crowd – there are lots of online casinos that now include an element of gamification into their site.  This engages the players and tends to retain them on the site for longer.  Below are some examples of brands and promotions that include casino gamification.

Gamification Casino Sites

Rizk Casino – these guys do gamification very well.  They have a Rizk Wheel which is unlocked when you play on the site enough to fill the power bar where you will get prizes.  The more you play, the more likely you are to “level up” – and the rewards that are available on the wheel will get bigger and better.

Top Dog Slots – Here you will unlock the Mega Reel when you make your first deposit of £10 or more.  You can then win up to 500 free spins on the classic slot Fluffy Favourites.

Lucky Admiral – This pirate themed slot game allows you to become a Very Important Pirate.  Here you will reap the rewards of playing on the site, and unlock some treats such as free spins, more cashback and more.

mFortune – these guys focus heavily on social media giveaways.  They give away lots of bonuses and tangible prizes specifically for players who are active on Facebook.  They do this on a regular basis, and it’s great fun along the way.

What is Gamification?

There is no doubt that you have probably come across a gamification casino without even knowing it.  The industry has massively evolved over the years, and as such the gaming experience is changing to in-keep with these trends.  The thought process behind gamification sites is that in some instances, it’s likely that the players will also be a fan of other types of video games – and to combine the 2 concepts.

It means that instead of a player simply joining a site and spinning the reels, there is more to enjoy than a basic online casino experience.  There will be a focus on immersing yourself in the casino experience and take part in an actual journey. It could be that you progress through levels by completing certain actions, earn different types of rewards or you could even bring a criminal to justice.

Why Do Casinos Gamify?

As the world of casinos has evolved so much, there are an increasing amount of them on the internet.  Simply offering no deposit bonuses, or some good games is no longer enough. Casinos now need to take a player on a journey and create a gaming experience.  Otherwise, the likelihood is that they will fall on the wayside and not acquire as many players as other brands making the effort to be unique.

As well as giving the casino a better chance of enticing the players to the site, they also will have a better chance of retaining them.  If there is something engaging them, or a reason for them to come back – the more money a casino will make. Player retention is a skill, and this is a good way to stand out from the crowd.  The happier a casino player is, the more likely they will keep coming back. Every casino will soon have to have some element of gamification in it to survive.

Elements of Gamification

Gamification has been introduced in a lot of different ways on gamification websites.  Social media is also something that online casinos can’t ignore – so you will find that operators are now including specific promotions and competitions tailored to players who are active on those channels which although you may not have realized it is gamification.

They are also integrated well into VIP schemes.  So, for example, you may need to collect trophies or medals to unlock new levels and to reap better rewards which is often known as gamblification.  You will never find a VIP scheme that has just one level, in order for them to be effective – you need to work your way up the ladder.

You will most likely have experienced gamification already in promotions or competitions on websites if you are a casino fan.  For example, if you have taken part in a slots tournament where there is a leaderboard challenge or points ladder. This is subtle gamification done very well.  It makes you continue to play to be in with a chance of winning a big prize.

Gamification has been part of online casinos in a traditional sense for a while when it comes to competitions and VIP schemes, but as they have become much more sophisticated – it’s something they are paying more attention to and becoming better at. Hopefully after reading this article, you will have some great gamification casinos to check out – and know a little bit more about what you can expect from them.