Football Betting

Football is the type of sport where fans like to put their money where their mouth is, and what better way than to engage in online football betting? This guide will help you get up to speed with the basics of football betting.

Where to Place Sports Bets

How to Bet Online on Football

Online betting on football is an act that you can quickly begin to understand across different sites. Follow these easily digestible steps and you will be ready to start:

  • Create a user account: Start off by visiting an online sportsbook and selecting the options of making a new user account.
  • Provide your details: Your account will need to include email, password, address, date of birth, and other basic information.
  • Payment method: Details of your preferred payment method will be required for funding your account. In addition, it is quite common for a sportsbook to ask for credit card details to verify your age and identity.
  • Deposit offer: Visit the promotional section, if you have not already, and see what the welcome offer includes. Read the terms and follow the instructions exactly to receive bonus funds, matched bets, or some other perk.
  • Place a bet: Let’s say you want to back Liverpool to beat Tottenham away. Go to the football or soccer section of the site and view the competition list. Look for Premier League and then check the list to find the odds on Liverpool winning. You can then click on the outcome and stake your desired value.

The Top Football Betting Markets

There are numerous core markets containing a wide array of submarkets when enjoying football betting. Here, you will be able to find explanations of how these bets work. First, though, we must advise that you consider any player injuries and suspensions next to home and away form before staking on a possible outcome.


Home win, draw, and away win can be displayed as 1X2, respectively, and these are the single outcomes that you can back in trying to call a full-time result. The odds vary drastically, but typically you will encounter decimal odds of way below 2.00 when backing a home favourite. Meanwhile, a minnow might deliver anywhere from 5.00 to 10.00.


A multiple can include doubles (two), trebles (three), quads (four), or accumulators (five or more). This is where you combine multiple results to try and achieve collectively higher odds. And those odds can be drastically, with some unlikely ACCAs over return of hundreds or thousands to one, whereas a basic double might only yield 2.00 odds.

Double Chance

Double chance is a protective measure where you cover two outcomes for lower odds. For example, Liverpool winning could be worth 3.40, but would decrease to 1.80 for Liverpool or draw. However, this can be less risky and potentially more likely for an extremely close encounter.


This market lets you pick the results at half-time and full-time for potentially larger odds. For instance, Tottenham first-half and Liverpool second-half could yield 29.00 winning odds. Perhaps a first-half might end a tense draw before one team goes on to triumph in the second-half. Essentially, backing two outcomes can be much more rewarding.

Goals Over/Under

Sportsbooks will offer odds on a game having over or under a set value of goals, including 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc. Over or under 2.5 goals are the most common, with a more open game offering potentially lower odds (2.00) for there being under 2.5 goals.

Both Teams to Score

This is a simple yes or no question on whether or not both teams will score in a given game. With two attacking teams in a game, the sportsbook would believe it is less likely for the outcome to be no. As a result, the odds could end up being 2.50 for no, while yes could be 1.50.

Asian Handicap

An Asian handicap is a type of betting where players can attached negative or positive goals to a team prior to the result. The rationale for doing so is that you can receive better odds. For example, apply a negative goal to Real Madrid might improve the odds of them winning to 1.50 when playing a terrible opponent.

Correct Score

Correct score is the holy grail of football betting, alongside long lists of ACCAs, of course. Backing Liverpool to beat Tottenham is worth 3.40 odds in this example, but let’s say that you feel good about the Reds winning 2-1 away. In that case, backing a correct score of Liverpool could yield odds of 13.00 instead.

Goal Scorers

At times, you can stand to make impressive gains from betting on the goal scorers in a game. Backing the first goal scorer is a popular option, but you can also choose last scorer, anytime, or else two or more goals. Strikers receive lower odds, whereas midfielders can pay out handsomely. As an example, you might get odds of just 3.00 for Cristiano Ronaldo to score first.

Key Tips for Beginners

Thus far, there has been a wealth of helpful information, but this section will touch upon a selection of football betting tips to provide further insights. The following are some very helpful tips that you should consider instead of dodgy tips or betting systems:

  • Avoid the unknown: Competitions and betting markets are available in play and from all over the world. You might be itching to place a bet, but are you really likely to win from the second league tier in Venezuelan football?
  • Stay patient: This is a follow on from the previous point, but you really do have stay patient and focus on the competitions for which you possess the most information. Try reviewing the statistics of fixture list if you are having a difficult time waiting.
  • Don’t chase losses: In the event of a tough loss, the worst thing to do is chase an in play option or else the very next game. You will be acting irrationally and out of frustration, which is why you should take a step back and calm down instead.
  • Research matters: Never underestimate the power of being better informed. Man City delivered numerous high-scoring results during the 2016/17 Premier League season under Pep Guardiola, but a quick look at home and away form would have revealed that the Citizens were much less effective at home.
  • Exploit opportunities: Every season will throw up scenarios where teams struggle at home or away. Always make sure to check the home and away form, as there might be some very solid opportunities that you could miss out on otherwise.
  • Consider the alternatives: You might want to pick the full-time winner, but a close match-up between Man Utd and Liverpool might be too tough to call. For this reason, you should instead look to alternative betting markets, such as over/under, both teams to score, and various others.
  • Avoid the ACCA furore: Backing ACCAs is like getting involved with scratch cards. Fans love seeing the inflated odds for backing 10 or more results, but the chances of them winning are extremely slim. To win frequently, you are better off focusing on a smaller selection of results where you can analyse all of the stats.
  • Signup specials: When joining a new site, you can take advantage of tremendous special odds that are inflated compared to standard levels. For example, you might be offered a small £1 bet on Man City to win at home versus a team like Stoke City.

Global Football Matches for UK Players

UK soccer is the dominant category at many football betting sites, but players can extend their scope further afield. These are some of the geographic areas on which to focus:

  • International tournaments: These are much less frequent than UK leagues, with the European Championships and World Cup running every four years.
  • Champions League: Europe’s ultimate club competition is one of the most difficult to win on the face of the planet. This elite level of competition features stronger teams and outcome can be difficult to call.
  • Europe: Outside of the UK, there are many great leagues to back. Spain features two dominant teams in Real Madrid and Barcelona, while Bayern Munich frequently dominate in Germany.
  • Asia: China is aggressively developing the size of its league, while Australia remains a viable option, but up-to-date injury details can be difficult to come by.
  • North America: Major League Soccer is a viable competition where fading stars from Europe can shine a little longer. However, the system of drafting players can make it challenging to pick winners.
  • South America: Brazil and Argentina are two countries that offer competitive leagues and club competitions. Meanwhile, the Copa Libertadores is the South American equivalent of the Champions League.

Football betting offers another yet way of enjoying your favourite sport. Just make sure to follow our advice and make sound, rational wagers.