Easy Magic Tricks That Anyone Can Learn

The art of magic is designed to confuse and trick the mind and to evoke amusement, awe and praise for the master of the acts performed. Because such a nature is attached to the act, magic can seem like an impossible feat for many not to be attempted for fear of it “not working out” the way one would hope. However, there are many simple yet classic magic tricks anyone can learn to impress and entertain. Whether you are looking to delve into the world of magic to become the world’s next famous illusionist and want to begin somewhere or if you’d simply like to have a few party tricks for the dinner table, here are a few easy tricks to get you started.

The Thumb Separator

The easiest trick in the book! This involves holding the thumb between the thumb and the first finger of the other hand and then moving the hands in opposite directions to give the effect of separating the tip of the thumb from the base. This classic has been used often by parents and grandparents to baffle the little ones.

Disappearing Card

This is a great trick to learn if you want to get to know how to develop sleight of hand. It involves snapping a card in your hand to make it magically disappear.  Making your hand into the classic “rock and roll” symbol, place the card between your thumb and two middle fingers. Snap your fingers and straighten out your hand so that the card lands between the first two fingers and the last two fingers. If you display your palm to the audience, they won’t be able to see the card on the other side of your hand.

card tricks

Mind Reading

The mathematical trick is the most common and simple of “mind reading” feats that is simply just logic put into play. Ask someone to think of any number. Multiply it by two, and then add eight to the total. Divide it by two and subtract the original from your total. The number will always be four because of the common denominators involved. Another simple and cheeky trick is the guess the celerity trick. Ask someone to call out the name of a celebrity. Write it down and put it in a hat. Ask that person to keep calling out names as you “write down” the names he or she is calling out. The trick is, in reality you are simply writing down the first name over and over on the pieces of paper. Once the person has finished calling out names, and you have put all pieces into the hat, ask them to remove a scrap which you will “predict”. Of course, it can only be one answer.

Make Money with Money

Often if you are using money in trickery, there is a way of making more than what you started with. There are many ways to do this. One simple way is asking someone to put a ten pound note into a matchstick box. You also put ten pounds in and tell the person that you will sell the matchbox for fifteen pounds, meaning they supposedly profit by five pounds. However ten pounds of the twenty they are purchasing is their money to begin, meaning you are the earner. This trick requires wit and charisma to distract the person from their initial lending.

So there you have it, four great classical tricks you can try at home to develop your skills or simply have a bit of fun with. Why not make a show of it, or even a little money?

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