Dafabet Closes its Doors

It seems that more and more operator sites in the UK are running into trouble, as it’s harder for them to remain open in the current climate. With so many new laws and taxes, is it any wonder that we’re reporting site closures all the more often? The latest site to close is Dafabet, which was a mainstay in the casino sector.

About the Closure

This is somewhat of a partial closure, as the sportsbook section of Dafabet will continue to operate as normal. This is a bit of a negative for players on their site that enjoyed both the sportsbook and casino section, as they will find their choice in gaming reduced.

In accordance with regulations, Dafabet casino customers were notified at the start of March and were given until the middle of the month to remove any funds from their account. This gave users on the site enough time to get their cash processed should they choose to play elsewhere.

If users don’t get around to doing so, then efforts will be made by the casino site to give the money back to the card that was used to deposit. If you have ever played there with phone bill casino payments then get in touch, as they may be trying to determine a payment method to give your money back with.

Dafabet Casino’s Reputation

The casino side of Dafabet had a range of different games, however not as much attention was paid to this as the sportsbook. It was something of an add on for the operator and for those that chose to gamble there.

This meant that there were a few different games to try out, though not quite as many promotions as were on the main sportsbook. This may mean they had less players here than a more active casino site, as they weren’t fully rewarding them for their time on the site. With so many different casino sites out there offering some top bonuses, you can see why their player numbers may have dwindled.

Investigations and Fines

Both the UKGC and the ASA have been working harder to police the gambling industry, which has led to investigations and fines. Within the last couple of years, we’ve seen more of these fines being handed out on a regular basis, as the guidelines have been tightened.

For this reason, it’s much harder for operators to work within the industry, as they worry about falling foul of these regulations. Most industry spectators feel that it’s only a matter of time before more of these rules come into force, as the net tightens around the industry. Things that would be deemed innocuous before, like cartoon characters or advertisements, can now lead to a hefty fine.

More Sportsbook Focus

The closure could also be down to the fact that Dafabet are simply placing more focus on their sportsbook side, as this is where they really thrive. This includes a brand new sponsorship deal with Burnley FC, which is worth $3.4 million.

They could simply be moving their resources over to this side of the site, as it’s where their players are most drawn. Doubtless, we will see more of their logos on the pitch as time goes on, which will be sure to bring them in more sports bettors. The culling of their casino offering may just be down to dollars and cents.

Although Dafabet no longer offers casino games, we have a laundry list of sites that do. Check out our reviews section if you’re a Dafabet player that can no longer get their casino game fix on their site for a new place to play.