Category: Poker Strategy

Psychology of Playing Poker

Poker, with it many variations, is a remarkably deep gaming experience involving psychological strategy, as well as requiring card skills, mannerisms, vocabulary and a firm grip on probability. Below we explore many of the leading psychological edges of this fascinating game. Confidence We’re not talking just about the basic personal confidence that allows you to […]

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10 Poker Terms to Know

Once you enter the world of Poker, in one or more of its forms, you will begin to notice that it has a language all of its own. The words and expressions across Poker variations have a lot of character and metaphoric value. We have picked 10 poker terms you may have wanted to understand […]

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5 Tips for Mastering Basic Poker Hands

Okay, if you want to be a force to be reckoned with in a poker game, as well as enjoy yourself, then you’ll have to accomplish 3 basic things: understand the rules of Poker memorise the 9 hands possible learn to use strategy during a game Applying good strategy is only really possible once the […]

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