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Poker Strategy

The 10 Best Poker Strategy Books Of All Time

Are you a poker fanatic looking to improve your skills — and your earnings? If so, you’ve come to the right place. If you are hoping to develop your poker skills, we recommend looking into poker strategy books. Below, we’ve listed out the ten best poker strategy books of all time. Dive into these reads and you’ll rise up on […]

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Totally Insane Ways Your Poker Tell Can Give You Away

Playing high-stakes poker can get your heart beating like nothing else. Unfortunately, that racing heart is one of many bodily functions that could give you away during a round. And when other players can see your poker tell, you can kiss your chips good-bye. Why Poker Tells Matter Personal mannerisms portray a person’s feelings. These mannerisms vary from person to […]

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5 Aggressive Hold’em Strategies

The challenging character of this classic cards game is composed of purely mental and intellectual exertions as well as having a sharp perception of outer conditions, such as a game’s odds as well as its players’ states of mind. To be truly aggressive, one must fuse their talents in both the inward and outer aspects of gameplay, as well as […]

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Dealing: Poker’s Musical Chairs

A rather interesting fact of Texas Hold’em gameplay that gives it a distinctively shared, interactive feeling (along with the community cards) is the way that the role of Dealer shifts around the table. Not only should every competent player know how to deal and handle the cards physically, one also needs to fully appreciate the importance of good positioning. The […]

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7 Top Tricks of Calling and Raising in Hold’em

The concepts of calling other players’ bets (the small and big blinds, for instance) or raising the stakes are simple on the surface. However, the strategic significances of these two moves can be quite deep, depending upon the contexts. Raising and calling do much more than simply keeping you in the action, since doing one or the other is your […]

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5 Biggest Mistakes in Hold’em

One thing about Hold’em to remember is that the better player you are, the more fun it is (not to mention the more you can win, if that’s your aim). People have different approaches to improving their skills, but two things are essential: one, never stop learning, and two, learn from your mistakes. On the other hand, once you gain […]

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How to Win at 5-card Stud

If you like the idea of playing a poker game that is over a couple hundred years old, and is the original version, then 5-card Stud is the right one to choose. In this quick primer on basic winning strategies it is assumed that you know the hierarchies, values and names of poker hands. Although 5-card Stud is one of […]

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Omaha Compared to Texas Hold’em

Modern poker game variations have 3 clear cut and named categories: Draw, Stud and Community Card. Technically, Omaha and Texas Hold’em are both ‘Hold’em’-type games, which are games using community cards, with some differences — indeed Omaha also is known as ‘Omaha Hold’em’. Poker Game Families The Hold’em family of games (one of three basic types of poker) just refers […]

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Texas Hold’em Strategy

Modern poker and its variations, like the massively popular Texas Hold’em and Omaha, are relatively new forms of card play — did you know that? Some historians think they have roots in Persian history or the Orient, however, others argue that a game like Hold’em has many unique features. Most people think of ‘going all in’ and the community cards […]

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5 Keystone Poker Strategies

Poker simultaneously has fairly simple rules and yet has remarkable depth in how players interact with those rules, and with the situations arising from them. In other words, poker is not as simple as a game like blackjack, but in relative terms the endless complexity of gameplay created by its basic rules is astounding. Why else would a whole vocabulary […]

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