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Blackjack Strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Blackjack Betting for Beginners

Have you been thinking about trying your hand at blackjack? The casino standard is an all-time favorite preferred by many gamblers. If you’ve never tried it, you might be surprised how rewarding the experience can be. It’s not only the potential financial gains that have lured devoted players for decades. The energy, excitement, and the required combination of skill and […]

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Ways to Maximise Blackjack Wins

Some play Blackjack for the sheer fun of it, while others put time into the game in order to reap cash winnings. After all, one of the reasons it is the most popular casino card games is not only its brilliant simplicity but also its excellent odds or RTP (return to player percentage). Of course, in order to enjoy a […]

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Blackjack Betting Strategies that Grow Profit

The main components of your winning Blackjack game are mastery of Basic Strategy, a betting strategy and any form of ‘advantage play’ that works for you (such as a card counting system, although this is not required to do well at the game). Some will argue that you can overcome the house edge, already the lowest of casino games, by […]

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Relating with Your Blackjack Dealer

Of all the various characteristics of casino games such as their rules, gameplay, how players join the action, betting customs and special in-play words, one of the most interesting is the role of dealers. The dealer in Blackjack defies the various assumptions you may have in terms of motives or powers. Friendly Blackjack Dealers It may be fair to say […]

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The 5 Most Brilliant Plays in Blackjack

We might say that each card game in a casino has particular characteristics needed to succeed and win at it. For example, in poker one needs keen skills of observation (to read the numerous ‘tells’, as in tell-tale signs, that other players betray with their faces, twitches and unconscious habits). Blackjack players need, above all, to have patience and internal […]

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How Patience Pays in Blackjack

The game of Blackjack stands alone inside a casino; the solitary quality of its player’s experience is fairly unique among popular card games. We should point out that despite the enthusiasm and hype that have gathered around a game like Texas Hold’em (to the point of getting televised as a competitive sport), Blackjack is known as the most beloved card […]

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6 Worst Moves in Blackjack

Blackjack is interesting because it is very focused upon the probabilities of cards in a minimal way, stripped of the deep and wide psychological dimension found in poker or other games. Blackjack actually is a very individualistic challenge. The player interacts with the dealer, however, this is a straightforward relationship (without psychological intimidation or deceptions such as bluffing). In fact, […]

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Role of Bluffing in Blackjack

Poker is the casino game known for bluffing. In fact, the verb ‘to bluff’, and the phrases, ‘stone-cold bluffing’ or ‘calling her bluff’ refer to poker, not to blackjack. If you’re a beginner and learner at the great game of 21 then you may not have caught the fact that, despite the article’s title, it has no bluffing! (Wink, Wink!) […]

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5 Top Tips for Online Live Dealer Blackjack Games

Online Blackjack can be an ideal environment to improve one’s game. Mobile blackjack apps or sites could be also, if you prefer your hand­held device and can find a suitable place to concentrate. But a computer or laptop allows you to refer to extra windows of information while playing. Stepping Up to the Challenge Once you have the skill and […]

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5 Things to Know About Card Counting

It is reasonable to assume that an advanced Blackjack player (such as those who have been inducted into the game’s hall of fame) would be considered an ‘advantage player’. This means the player goes beyond simply knowing and using best practices, known as Blackjack’s basic strategy, to use techniques such as card counting. Turning the Tables on House Edge Counting […]

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