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Big Win at Dunder Casino

There’s nothing quite like the news of a big online casino win to draw your attention to a potentially lucrative slot game. In this case, it’s a substantial six-figure victory from Dunder Casino, where the luck of the Irish is running strong. Six-figure Jackpot In May 2017, it was revealed by Dunder Casino that one of their players won a […]

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Zynga Poker Launches on Snapchat

Zynga Poker drew attention on Twitter when it revealed the launch of a special Snapchat filter on 30 March 2017. This release came just in time for April Fool’s Day, but this was no joke from Zynga Poker, which is renowned for being one of the most played social poker games on the face of the planet. Now that people […]

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7 Greatest Casino Hacks of All Time

Having discussed casino hacking at length, this guide would be incomplete without talking about the most successful cheats. The first two examples will discuss the most successful online hackers, while the last five will be old school hackers who did things the hard way. Online Cheats Ashley Mitchell Hacks Zynga Apparently, free-to-play casino apps are at risk from online casino […]

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Skill Based Casino Games

There is always an element of randomness in any form of gambling, but some games are stronger than others when it comes to skill. In our experience, these are some of the top skill gambling games to target at online casino sites. Best Games of Skill for Money There are lots of online games of skill for money, but some […]

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Virtual Reality Casinos

Years have gone by since major innovation was widely taken up by the online casino industry. Mobile and live gaming are now commonplace, while Bitcoin is becoming more widely accepted all the time. But it will be a more exciting development if virtual reality casinos become hugely popular. Current VR Casino Brands Finding a virtual reality casino is still hard […]

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Safest Online Casinos

Staying safe with online casinos is vital because dangerous sites can expose your sensitive information and financial details to dangerous cyber criminals who cause you to fall victim to fraud. Fortunately, you can find a handpicked list of our safest online casinos here… Safest Online Casinos How to Know if Casinos Are Safe With a little bit of knowledge, you […]

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Casino Websites

There was a time when joining an online casino meant a welcome bonus and that was about it, but times seem to be changing.  With more and more new online casino sites launching, they have realised that they need to offer far better deals if players are going to stick with them. Cue thousands of great sites overhauling their bonuses […]

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Is it Possible to Hack Casino Software?

If you Google ‘hacking online casinos’ or something like that, you are likely to find YouTube videos claiming to be live hacks of slot machines, or, interviews with famous hackers who have targeted casinos. The truth is, somebody will have tried to crack into anything, including casinos, and probably most likely casinos. But the way in which cybercriminals do it […]

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Golden Age Mobsters and Casinos

Back in the Twentieth Century, there was what is called a ‘golden age’ of big American mobsters like Al Capone. This was the same period that gave birth to modern casino gambling. Those two forces (mobsters and casinos) were closely related, of course. The question is, Are there active connections between that history and contemporary online casino entertainment? History and […]

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Big Brother is Watching

Walk into any casino and you’ll be inundated by video cameras and surveillance equipment; those casinos have a vested interest in making sure that they control exactly how and where you get your money, and we’re used to being watched when we actually gamble in person. Gambling online, however, is different: no one’s “watching” you with a video camera as […]

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