Betting Systems: Is it Possible to Beat Online Casinos?

Everybody would like to have a foolproof way of knowing how to beat online casinos. For this reason, there is all manner of internet articles saying they have betting systems that work. In all honesty, you can use a system and win at the same time, but you have to accept that the outcomes are not determined by the system. In terms of functionality, betting systems are best for providing a disciplined approach to making decisions.

The Fundamental Types of Betting Systems

Betting systems incorporate some form of progression whereby players increase or decrease their next based on the outcome of the previous one. In this section, you can find details on negative progression, positive progression, and insurance betting systems.

Negative Progression

Negative progression is one of the more popular gambling systems because the intention is for players to try and recoup losses. At the most basic level, a player who loses a £5 bet would double their stake to £10 on a 50-50 outcome to try and claim back their losses.

Positive Progression

Where negative players increase after a loss, positive progression players raise their stakes after a win. Typically, players who use positive progression will not be so dramatic as to double their bets with each win, but will use winnings to cover incremental winnings.

Insurance Betting Systems

Some gamblers adopt more complex betting systems that seek to provide a degree of insurance in the event of a loss. Given that blackjack is a straight-up game, it is not a good option. However, roulette is a prime candidate because players can stake bets with 50-50 payouts alongside their more complex decisions.

How the Most Popular Systems Work

There are many different betting systems, but they are most popular with table game classics like blackjack and roulette. When reading about the systems below, you will find these to be most effective with those games.

Card Counting

Card counting is more of a mental technique, but it has relevance because it is a form of system because players use the information to inform their bets. However, you must be aware that land-based casinos will kick you out if they catch you trying to count cards.

When counting cards, players are attempting to find a high concentration of tens and aces left in the shoe, as they will get more blackjacks and receive higher rewards, while the dealer is more likely to go bust.


Martingale has a basic principle in which players double their next bet after a loss, with red/black or odd/even in roulette being ideal options for this system. When using this system, players continuously double their stakes until they win. Quite simply, this is done to cover all of the losses incurred from doubling the stake.


Also known as the Labouchère or cancellation system, the split-Martingale requires players to decide how much they want to win in their session. For instance, let us say a player wants to win £100. They would divide the £100 in to clear multiples, such as 10 x £10.

After writing £10 ten times on the page, the players makes their initial bet by adding the first and last numbers, which would be £20 in this example. If the player wins, they strike off those numbers and continue. However, they have to add £20 to the end and start again if they lose. Players continue until all numbers are gone.


Anti-Martingale is a slightly simpler version of the split version, with players aiming to win, for example, five times in a row. During that time, players double their stakes for each win until completing their sequence.

Kelly Criterion

Kelly Criterion is a complex betting system in which mathematicians use probability theory to determine the optimum value for multiple investments. Commonly used in investment, it can be used in gambling to compare the cost of losing a bet versus winning.


For a simpler option, players use the D’Alembert system to decrease their stake by one unit for each win they attain. To make this work, players need a minimum unit, such as £1 or £10. The philosophy is that players wrongly believe they are less likely to win immediately after winning.


Parlay is one of the more balanced and more reasonable systems, with players beginning with their first bet and increasing it after they win. If the streak breaks then players reduce the stake to its original value and does not change this until winning their next bet. That said, players should walk away after building up a healthy stack of winnings.

Can Betting Systems work?

In gambling, anything can appear to work when you have just won. With betting systems, it can feel hugely relieving after losing several bets by doubling up in a negative progression and eventually recouping your winnings. However, it will feel terrible if you blow all of your money without completing the system.

With the cancellation system, it can be hugely satisfying to complete it and end it up with a profit, but other players will have a sequence of numbers that grow ever more complex. While some complete their sequences, others will lose their money.

Ultimately, it is better to increase your knowledge base and standard of play if you want to win regularly in the longer-term. It might work out well in the odd session to implement a system if you want to recoup losses in a disciplined manner, but the system can just as easily turn against you.

Players who use the better-known systems will encounter moments of victory, but this are not guaranteed. But what you can do to improve is figure out which betting decisions are more profitable in long-term betting – for instance, with when to hit or fold in blackjack.

To conclude, betting systems basically provide a comfort zone in which players can receive guidance in their decision-making. Just bear in mind that the wins are not directly attributed to whether you increase or decrease a stake in that exact moment, as the house edge will not change.

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