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Betting on Tennis

Tennis tournaments run for most of the year, travelling to countries with warmer climates to keep the matches coming. The sport is filled with action-packed moments and tennis betting odds based on those, and this guide can lend a hand to new bettors.

Where to Place Tennis Bets Online

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How to Bet Online on Tennis

Tennis is a strongly represented pursuit among online sports betting websites, so you will not have to look far to find a strong destination. When you do, here is how to bet on tennis:

Types of Tennis Bets Available

There are literally thousands of different thinks that can happen in a tennis match, and  you can certainly bet on many of them. Here is where you can be guided through the most common types of tennis betting.

General Types of Tennis Betting

Tennis betting sites offer a wide range of markets and different outcomes within those, but these are the standard options you will typically encounter:

Handicap Betting

To make matters interesting, a sportsbook will provide plus and minus scores in handicap betting. Most commonly, this will see punters back a favourite, but with a minus score attached to their performance. There is not much leeway for this approach when betting on sets, whereas this can work better for games.

Double Result Betting

In tennis, it can sometimes occur that a favourite will lose the first set because they didn’t succeed in the coin toss, while at other times they might begin sluggish by the latter stages of a tournament. You can take advantage by placing a double result bet where the player loses the first set, but ultimately wins the match.

Set Betting

This is where you bet on the total set score for a match. For example, you might believe that Andy Murray stands to beat a player like Milos Raonic, but the match is the semi-final of a major. Therefore, you have an inkling that Murray will win the match 3-2.

In-play Betting

Tennis matches can be extremely long affair with numerous twists and turns. When watching these spectacles, you can try to take advantage in different ways. For instance, a shift of momentum could lead to you fancying the underdog to win the next game, current set, or the entire match for handsome odds.

How Tennis Odds Work

At this stage, it has to be highlighted that New Casinos Online does not have access to the highly complex formulas and algorithms that are used to calculate the hundreds of different betting odds that are available in individual tennis matches. Nevertheless, the guide will aim to provide insight on the basics of how tennis odds work.

Single’s Example

In a single’s match between the world number three and the world number 12, the odds are going to be much shorter for the favourite. For example, the number three might only receive odds of 1.25, whereas the longer shot could deliver 9.00.

World rankings figure heavily in the calculation process, but online sportsbooks will also integrate factors such as recent form, playing surface, head-to-head results, tournament history, and any recent or long-term injuries that have occurred.

Match Outcomes Example

Tennis matches are designed by games and sets, meaning that there are numerous outcomes that can occur in addition to the overall result. Many tennis betting markets have already been explained, but this example will focus on explaining the odds that are available for set betting.

In the match between the number five and the number 12, the clear favourite will have improved odds when backing them to win at 2-0, with 2-1 being slightly longer. For instance, you might receive 1.80 on a 2-0 win, while 2-1 could be worth 4.00. Those odds will be much larger for any scenario where the long shot wins the match.

Other Factors to Consider in Tennis Betting

Before delving into the vast selection of free tennis betting tips offered online, it is important to realise that there are steps you can take to exert a greater level of control over the process. For starters, here are some factors that you can consider in your betting process:

Tips for New Tennis Bettors

There are always new factors to consider in tennis betting, no matter how small. At some point, however, you need to shut out those thoughts and focus on the basics:

You might be new to tennis betting, but this guide will help you quickly get up to speed – just like the many other guides available here at New Casinos Online.

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