Bet Regret Campaign

Have you heard of Bet Regret? It is a new campaign organised by GambleAware, aimed at supporting and encouraging safer gambling. We look at what is involved and whether it is set to be a success… or a failure.

What is Bet Regret?

The campaign began in February 2019, with the advert premiering during the Manchester United vs Liverpool game. It is aimed at young men between the ages of 16 and 34 who regularly place bets on sporting events.

The chief executive of GambleAware, Marc Etches, said the campaign was beginning to ‘gain momentum’ and would encourage more conversations about safer levels of gambling. The tagline for the ad is, ‘You’ll Bet Regret it.’

Can it really work?

Since this is a new campaign, it is too early to tell what effects it might have – and whether those effects could be positive or negative.

Many people are already critical of it for several reasons:

  • They say the campaign is counterintuitive
  • They claim it could lead to self-blame
  • They do not believe it will help problem gamblers do something about their gambling habit

Some said the advert took a negative stance, showing a gambler being told off for gambling. The focus was purely on the gambler, rather than considering the role played by the industry in offering countless tempting bets. It was suggested that some might be less inclined to talk about gambling problems with those who could support them, because they would feel embarrassed to do so.

What other measures are top casinos implementing to ensure safe gambling?

As you may know, we regularly review and recommend top casinos – steering clear of those that fall short of our high expectations (and yours). These casinos use various methods to drive safe online gambling:

  • Maximum deposit amounts – some sites give a maximum amount you can deposit at any time
  • No credit card deposits – they may only provide debit cards or other funding methods that require you to already have the cash to play with
  • Responsible gambling information – this usually includes a big page packed with advice on how to gamble safely and responsibly, with links to gambling charities and support services
  • Self-exclusion options – you should be able to exclude yourself from a casino by following the instructions given. In this case, you can exclude for a set period and you won’t get any contact from the site during that time.
  • Reality checks – you can set these to pop up during play or while using the site. They ensure you remember what you are doing, therefore making it less likely you will wager more than you intended to.

Finding a casino that offers all the above features – and more – is a good thing to do. Many casinos also encourage you to contact them if you feel you have a problem with gambling. They can steer you in the right direction to get the help and advice you need.

We will watch the campaign closely to see how it turns out. Stay alert for the latest updates as we learn more.