Beginners’ Guide to Online Sports Betting

The world is filled with sporting disciplines and competitions for fans to enjoy each day, and online sports betting can make the experience even more if interesting if you know how to lay down some bets.

Where to Place Bets Online

Legal Sports to Bet on in the UK

There is a whole host of sports that you can legally bet on with sports betting websites licensed in the UK. The larger sites will provide coverage on approximately 30 sports, with competitions, matches, and markets displayed within – below are some of the leading options.


The international popularity of football means that you could find that the sport is titled as soccer. Nevertheless, a good online sportsbook will provide you with countless wagering options.

Pros & Cons

  • Constant betting markets: Football competitions take place daily, so you should never be short on options.
  • Widespread coverage: The top new sports betting sites provide access to smartphones and tablets, giving you impressive coverage for making your bets.
  • Shock results: Fair weather fans might struggle without a lack of information, while seasoned fans must brace themselves for shock results.

Homework Tasks

  • Frisk the matches: Pick a competition like the Premier League and look for any interesting options. For example, a title-chaser will have slightly longer odds when playing away from home.
  • Last minute news: Injuries and illness can strike up to the last minute. You owe it to yourself to monitor the latest injury and suspension news to give your bets the highest chance of success.
  • Check the markets: Football matches offer numerous betting markets. You might not be certain of a result, so try picking over or under 2.5 goals instead.

Horse Racing

Horse racing sits alongside football as one of the most popular betting sports. Even if you only back the Grand National, it helps to learn a little more.

Pros & Cons

  • For every level: Landmark horse racing meets like the Grand National or Cheltenham Festival are ideal for novice punters, while their more experienced counterparts can explore the less common events to find hidden gems.
  • Online access: The days of going into overcrowded bookmakers’ shops and forcing your way through people can now be traded for sitting comfortable at home and placing wagers using your tablet.
  • Punishing results: Horses are much more fickle than sports stars or teams, and they can compete in crowds of several horses. Both of these factors combine to create an extremely difficult environment in which to pick outright winners.

Homework Tasks

  • Read the form pages: A regular horse racing bettor must remain current by reading the very latest results from runners, jockeys, trainers, and owners.
  • Check horses’ strengths and weaknesses: This will reveal whether or not horses are stronger or weaker under different conditions. For example, whenever the going is soft rather than good to firm.
  • Listen to the pundits: Horse racing broadcasters have access to an extraordinary range of information while also employing seasoned experts. One of the pundits will often pick out tips that can give you new ideas of what to back next.

Pro Fighting

Professional fighting is an active category on a daily basis, which is why boxing and UFC are often integrated together.

Pros & Cons

  • Potentially great odds: Fans who understand fighters really well can take advantage of inflated odds and opportune betting markets.
  • Poor odds on better-known fighters: Any fighter with a high reputation is going to deliver shorter odds, even if they legitimately deserve to be longer.

Homework Tasks

  • Start learning: Visit some fight blogs and website to start seeking out analysis for those involved in upcoming bouts. You are much more likely to find a lucrative edge whenever you start learning more.
  • Physical condition: Boxing and UFC are not like traditional sports. If your fighter gets injured or cannot make the agreed weight, then they are highly unlikely to fight. Instead, you should monitor a fighter’s injury history in case an opponent exploits prior trauma.


Between men’s and women’s tennis, there is a wealth of tournaments to back each year, with new contenders ready to emerge in the major competitions.

Pros & Cons

  • Take advantage: Tennis can offer competitive odds when backing the overall winner of a tournament. The favourites are not always the ones to triumph, so it might be worth backing your dark horse.
  • One on one bets: It can be very tempting to back outright winners during each stage of a tennis tournament, but form can be patchy outside of the most talented players and you have to be ready to stomach losses here and there.

Homework Tasks

  • Monitor the players: You need to monitor players’ conditions and injury status throughout a tournament. In addition, you should also take into consideration which players are going the distance and exhausting themselves over the full five sets.
  • Understand the players: In tennis, the tournaments are commonly hosted on clay, grass, or hard courts. Some players do drastically better on one surface than another. To be effective at tennis betting, you have to understand these intricacies.


This is an exploding area of sports betting, with the worlds of computer games and wagering converging into one. And there are so many different eSports out there to back, with the top games including League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, and StarCraft.

Pros & Cons

  • Gamers can succeed: Some gamers just cannot connect with traditional sports, but eSports will present an area where they can succeed using their knowledge.
  • eSports on the rise: The eSports field has boasted an array of great games, but now there are new titles and betting markets being introduced seemingly all the time.
  • Tough learning curve: The main drawback of eSports betting is the punishingly tough learning curve for newbies. The most successful bettors watch all of the popular eSports tournaments and you will have to do the same in order to win.

Homework Tasks

  • Understand the markets: Shooters will not have as many markets as a game like League of Legends, which is why you should check out the various markets to see if there are any opportunities to make the most of.
  • Watch eSports tournaments: You have to start watching the top tournaments to learn more about the leading eSports teams.
  • Read eSports blogs: eSports teams can go through infighting just like in traditional sports. Stay up-to-date on the best teams by reading eSports blogs. Morale might just give one of the teams the edge.

American Sports

American football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey are all broadcast on the world stage, giving UK viewers access to a whole host of matches. In response, online sportsbooks are constantly strengthening their offerings for American sports betting.

Pros & Cons

  • Experts can take advantage: Some sportsbooks carry odds templates from previous seasons through to the next, which is a mistake because team fortunes change often in American sports.
  • Knowledge wins: Expert fans can apply their knowledge of teams getting stronger and weaker to take advantage of over-generous odds.
  • Novices can struggle: Without knowledge, you can easily lose on these sports. Just because you know the Super Bowl winner from last year, it does not mean that the team will deliver the business this time around.

Homework Tasks

  • Learn to love stats: American sports are filled with statistics that can provide tangible insights into the outcomes of matches and competitions – ignore the stats at your peril.
  • Monitor news: Look through injury lists and upcoming suspensions, as the loss of key players will have drastic impacts on results. In the NFL, for example, the quarterback is often the key to winning.

How to Make Sure a UK Betting Site is Legitimate

Here at, the reviews will check whether or not an online gambling brand has been licensed for access in the UK. As a result, we know plenty of tips to help you personally check for legitimacy:

  • Homepage check: Ideally, you want to perform this step on a laptop or PC, as the desktop version of an online sportsbook will present more information. Anyway, browse to the bottom of the homepage and start to look through the various logos, icons, seals, and lines of information.
  • UK Gambling Commission (UKGC): For the most part, sportsbooks will display the “Gambling Commission” seal, while others might only list the licence number and information. At times, though, you might see both.
  • Visit UKGC: If you fail to find evidence of a licence, then you can visit the UKGC official website and contact the authority to enquire about the brand in question. UKGC is one of the most stringent and active of the gambling authorities and can be depended on for support.

Sports betting sites are relatively simple to understand, and now you will know the basics after viewing this informative beginners’ guide.